1. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Who else likes @coffeezilla? Please suggest me some similar YouTube Channels that expose Scammers & Fake Gurus!

    I have been watching a lot of @CoffeeZilla recently, what other channels do you recommend? I also follow @SpencerCornelia Please just suggest channels that deal with scammers and fake gurus (in any field, not just...
  2. xbyte

    Marketing guru for SaaS needed

    Hey guys, I'm in the search of a marketing genius that is able to create both quick and long-term actions for an SEO SaaS business. PM me for more details or contact me on telegram @xbtc11
  3. Osemvzegta

    Check out this market Research !

    1. Most people do want Free stuff! 2.Most people don't want to build their own business, but instead they do want the Ready stuff ! Actually, the number of people how do want to work as a web developer is more than the ones how's demanding web development services! :) That's why Guru's...
  4. Osemvzegta

    POD platforms ON-SITE Seo is shit!

    Print on demand Guru's :mad:, they never told people the Truth! If you're not ready to buy or build these quality links for your DAMN SHOP :mad:using social media, forums... buyers will never find your designs no matter how good they are !!! That's it from the beginning, easy as that ...But...
  5. Osemvzegta

    Print on demand :25 sales generated +20$ profit on Redbubble und Spreadshirt!

    Hello there, I've been following some POD gurus a few months ago, To be honest, some of the tips and tricks and tools that have been shared by them did work for me... It's worth sharing on this forum, despite the small amount of profit which is below 50 dollars! -188 Designs -Only 30 days of...
  6. jongmr

    [VIDEO] when they expose fake gurus

  7. mr.y

    Alert for people starting in IM : beware of IM gurus!

    This might be obvious for people who are already doing it, but I keep getting amazed how people become experts in their own eyes. I get invitations to conventions with "Instagram marketing experts" , "media marketing manager" , " a leading mentor". What experience do these people have to make...
  8. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Content Marketing 101 Strategy

    Golden Nuggets #1: Acquire New Client within 24 hours using Mousetrap Source: Whatsapp...
  9. aristocratic

    Anyone know this “Social Media Master” from UK

    I came across this instagram profile “@cashmemarketin”. I have know idea how but i was browsing instagram and ended to his profile. This Guy is doing lots of giveaways and claiming to be a media marketing professional. Lots of testimonials claiming that are making money with his “coaching” or...
  10. EternalFun

    NEVER seen someone so desperate.

    NEVER seen someone so desperate in trying to sell $1000 course after making over 10k in a week with 80% profit. The desperation from him: This industry is getting so fake, no wonder why ppl have second thoughts in trusting.
  11. Florin84

    Im interested to start working on freelancing platform . It's a trusted platform or no

    Im looking to work on but I dont see many discussion about it on bhw. Does anyone know if is trusted? I checked the platform and seem to have a good number of members. Also, I want to ask other alternatives for marketplaces like fiverr. I will like to be some platforms that I can...
  12. L

    Facebook / LinkedIn Scrapper & Mass Message Sender

    I am looking for tools to generate leads on FB & Linkedin. I am also open to generate in other social media outlets if you recommend. I need a scrapper and a message sender so after i scrape the relevant information and can send that person a message. Thank you all for helping!
  13. ShiningWarrior

    And this is how you make money! xD

    What do you think? :p (Found this pic online)
  14. ShiningWarrior

    Is Tai Lopez really legit or really scam?

    The internet says both things. People say both things. However, Forbes has an article about him saying 5 steps took him from rag to rich: So, I'm wondering what is the real truth...
  15. Zombiesmasher

    The Myth n’ Links: SEO is not dead, it's just left the building

    Think that listening to gurus will tell you everything you need? Well, you’re mythtaken. Exposition: I'm a long-time BHW lurker. After attending an UnGagged conference and just loving the attitude, I talked my way into joining the company. When the opportunity came about to manage the UnGagged...
  16. gman777

    Is it bad if I become a guru?

    No, not on BHW of corso. But, you know, I'm always laughing when I see somebody mocking Tai Lopez and the company. But, they are earning money, while I'm still the same lame pathetic bitch. So if I choose this dark path, what do you think? I believe it's morally bad, but good from a...
  17. BitterBuzzkill

    Why do so many guru's exist and does it actually make them money?

    So I know we have all seen the ads about making money online or a guru trying to sell you a method, but I have to think on rather or not it works. 4 years ago I saw an ad about making money online and it ended up being true, so are some of the gurus telling the truth? It becomes an interesting...
  18. Happydog

    Successful BHW Members, I Need A Christmas Gift

    Lol. Don't know what to put in the topic. So, this year was pretty fucked up for me and everything i was building up at the start of 2015 collapsed like a pile cards. Although this next year's gonna be different. I have made quite a little in the last 2 months with only 2 - 3 hows of...
  19. Security Tester

    What do you think of .guru domains?

    Hey guys! I was wondering what your opinion is on .guru domain names. Would they be a good choice for Amazon affiliate sites? I have the feeling it adds some authority, but at the same time I don't see many people using it. So, what's your opinion? ~ Wolf
  20. Freevy

    Fake gurus? Or real earners

    Guys like : John Chow "Luke Peerfly" Charles Ngo Jeremy Schoemaker Finch Sells They really earn so much with affiliate marketing? or they just try to look professional, and friendly to get people buy their products and courses?
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