google pr

  1. jangozo

    Hidden Google PR checker :) for FREE - HA these guys collected last available Google PR before it was totally deleted :) Seems helpful for PBNs. Anyways its free to use and seems they don't care to charge for it, so lets milk it :mad:
  2. B

    Why people are still talking about making high PR blog comments links?

    Google PR stopped updating in the year of 2014, but I can still find some posts say high PR blog comments works directly or indirectly, is there something that I missed, I've been looking for the replacement of Google PR, Alexa doesn't seem to be satisfying, could someone light me up on this...
  3. goyat

    Did Google Page Rank Update of November 2012 Gone Wrong ?

    Hello Pals , Actually I know what Google is and there are very few chances of them getting wrong . But I find something unexpected from November 2012 Google PR Update . I made a blog with .org domain 2 Months ago . However I have nearly 40 Articles with Unique content but I haven't made any...
  4. B

    800+ links overnight from "last comment widget" got me in trouble?

    What the hell? I posted a blog comment on a blog with a PR 2 for the domain and a PR 1 for the page I blog posted. All cool till then. It so happens this blog, which is on the topic of SEO and looks a bit spammy, has the " last visitor comments" widget enabled (I didn't see this). I went...
  5. S

    Google Page Rank Updates

    Hi All Today I see 0 page rank for one of my site. Previously it was 5 and on last PR update it was 4 yesterday. I check various pagerank checker websites and find that it is still 4 in some datacenter. the unusual thing i find that under Page Rank Status it shows OFF, is google rolling PR...
  6. nenjak

    Happy Google PR update day!!!

    Wow, looks like today was the Google PR update. I found this out because I just started with IM and got some PR on some of my sites. Nothing to much. BUT.... I did get a PR 1 to a site that only has 8 backlinks!!!!! But I started this site after following alot of threads on this site. Thank...
  7. refindyourway

    Can I expect my PR to go up soon?

    What can I do to get PR1? Can you recommend some tools to analyze the website in order to get a precise info what needs to be done to get higher in Google? Thanks :)
  8. D

    Hot to get high page rank

    Hi, I want to create a few blogs/forums. whats the quickest method to get high page rank? Are there any tricks on how to get page ranks right away or very quick? Is there a service that anyone can offer to get high page rank? Please let me know the best and fastest method to do this, please...
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