Can I expect my PR to go up soon?


Jan 6, 2010
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What can I do to get PR1?
Can you recommend some tools to analyze the website in order to get a precise info what needs to be done to get higher in Google?

Thanks :)
It's all about backlinks. The bigger the amount and quality of them, the higher PR.

You should be aware, though, about the fact that Google do not give PR to sites in real time. It happens a few times a year and it's probably called a google dance.
hehe exactly

i got a new domain PR 2 with 6 months from backlinks

well target backlinks 1200 indexed in yahoo
Hi everyone,

I want to say thanks to the people at this forum.
Thanks to the tips about back links (among others), I've achieved Google PR 2 within 2 months:D
I'm very happy about this since I'm just a SEO beginner.
I got 2xPR5 from just two backlinks (and unpaid)
The best advice I can give: just work on something that other people find worth it to use (CMS themes, free plugins, free translations, free and funny videos, a nice information, etc, etc)
I have one site, with pr3. It only has 2 backlinks, from pr0 sites.
But is is very well optimized, with about 200pages in index, age = ~10month.
So internal optimization is not less important, than backlinks.
Well, maybe less, but don't neglect it :)
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