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Dec 31, 2009
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Hi All

Today I see 0 page rank for one of my site. Previously it was 5 and on last PR update it was 4 yesterday. I check various pagerank checker websites and find that it is still 4 in some datacenter.

the unusual thing i find that under Page Rank Status it shows OFF, is google rolling PR updates?
Is it PRn/a or PR0? I'm seeing PRn/a on a few of my sites this morning. Others are showing the same PR they've had since I got them. PRn/a just means the data is not available and it is nothing to be concerned about but it might mean they are starting an update..
Your site will always have more than 0 pr even if the tools show 0 pr.

If it had no pr how would it cast a vote when linking to another site?

As for pr update i havent heard anything usually people a talking if there is by now.
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