1. terrycody

    Adsense new GDPR content requirement, what to do?

    If you put Adsense on EU country language sites, include UK, I think you already see the new GDPR requirement it shows to you. Today, Google shows a new notice that you can choose what options to show to your site visitors at 1/19/2024 due date, below: I want to ask, does anyone know if I...
  2. A

    Who complies with the GDPR?

    Who complies with the GDPR? This question follows a discussion in the blogging section. Just to get an idea: who here respects the GDPR? Who is afraid of taking a sanction from the authority in charge of GDPR compliance in their respective country? For non-Europeans: it's a text that...
  3. T

    GDPR and Privacy Laws in the offline world

    Recently I went to a health care practice. Few times before this id gone to the GP. So you are waiting in line to talk to the receptionist.... Now theres a patient in front of you. The receptionists asks here for her name, her date of birth then her address. Now i heard all of it. Everyone...
  4. A

    How to serve non personalized ads when user declined cookies for Adsense

    Hello, How do you guys deal with this issue? Because when using wp plugins for cookie consent and even if they have an AdSense option. If the user declines cookies, it just simply does not show ads at all. But there must be a way to show non-personalized ads after the user declines cookies...
  5. T

    How to block the default adsense GDPR message on some pages only?

    If you have setup autoads on your site using adsense you will know you can excude certain pages or a range of pages from the ads. But can you do this with the GDPR message? I dont see an option to. if you turn on the GDPR message for the site on adsense it shows it on all pages on the domain...
  6. T

    GDPR & Consent For Adsense and simliar networks

    I had a cookie notice banner on my sites, but google emailed saying the message wording was not good enough for gdpr compliance and they asked for it to be fixed or action could be taken. Now in terms of adsense they have their own GDPR message which can be used to get consent to show...
  7. Veselin Dragnev

    Question about emails campaign and GDPR? (Need help here)

    Hello BHW people! Soon I am about to run a campaign and send people to my LP -Email Squeeze through FB and make them Subscribe asking them for E-mail and Name and once they do it, they will receive an email with a "the file" that they know they will receive already if they subscribe(basically I...
  8. arthuditu

    GDPR update

    Does anyone know anything about the GDPR that changes to FB and IG? Is it supposed to favor automation, is that true? Does anyone know anything about this?
  9. IronWeber

    Can some one consult me about GDPR,Privacy policy and Terms and conditions

    Hello everyone, I had a website build about my service and I want to start promoting it and getting clients. Before that I would like to know what I need to do with GDPR,Privacy policy and Terms and conditions, so my website is finished and looks right. I live in eastern Europe. For now my...
  10. P

    Affiliate business without collecting DATA

    Hello and thank you for your help! I want to start an affiliate business in my country(Europe). But here we have some problems with GDPR(data protection). Everything is unclear! We have also GDPR consultants that were fined(large sum...). How can we make an Affiliate business without collecting...
  11. T

    Every Website Needs To Be GDPR Compliant Now!

    If you’ve logged in lately into any big-name website. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Basecamp, Freshdek, everyone, yes, everyone has updated their Terms of service and have made changes to the website according to the requirements of GDPR. They’ve covered themselves, but have you? If the...
  12. F

    Emai marketing outreach with new GDPR

    Hi, Is there any way to contact b2b by email or facebook account without breaking the new data protection law? Maybe if you send the emails to info@********.com.... it's a company email, not a personal or professional email of any worker.... Could it be possible?
  13. F

    Is my wordpress site GDPR compiliant with these settings?

    I have disabled registrations on my wp site and also comments. My site uses google analytics and adsense ads. Other than that I beleive I don't collect any other data. I use these plugins: Cookie Notice ( for cookie notice with link to my privacy policy) Google Analytics Germanized ( here I...
  14. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Internet overseer ICANN loses a THIRD time in Whois GDPR legal war

    US org told by German court its delusional claims in privacy rules battle are not credible Worth a read:
  15. smallfeet

    GDPR and Google Analytics

    I don't know what should and if should I include any warnings about cookies/ create privacy policy if I use google analytics and want to make sure that I don't get sued or anything in the future. In short have a blog with google analytics. Not sure what to do because google collects data via...
  16. kurosaki4d

    What will happen if i don't follow the GDPR best practices ?

    Hi whitehats :) A question came into my mind, i'm sure that new GDPR has been a pain for a lot of people and made things a little bit more strict and harder to collect and send emails to our subscribers. That been said, i'm curious to know in case i don't write and show in a very clear way...
  17. F

    General Data Protection Regulation for the US

    Recently I have been hearing a lot about the genereal data protection regulation. I know this applies mainly to the EU. However, why do we in the US have to put all the requirements on our sites. Especially if the websites that we offer are not trying to generate an, customers from countries...
  18. r3L4x

    [IMPORTANT] Forget The GDPR, The EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete And Utter Disaster PLEASE SIGN PETITION:
  19. zodiamc


    Ok, I've checked right now and WHOIS is basically ILLEGAL because of the GDPR. Meaning, if you don't mess up with your IPs (how should you - cloud hosting anyone?) Google has now basically ZERO chances to figure out who's the owner of a website or blog. Or did I get something wrong?
  20. johnnyflex

    GDPR on Adult theme site

    I have an Adult theme site that doesnt allow users to register or post anything. Should i update my privacy policy for compliance or i dont need to update the privacy policy on it?
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