1. nikonaime

    Seeking Advice on Pricing and Sales Options - Fresh Leads

    Hey fellow BHW members, I've got a treasure trove of 420,000 leads, all of whom expressed a keen interest in losing fat and getting toned. These leads were generated recently and come with valuable information, including their weight loss goals, diet/workout history, income details, names, last...
  2. Bozuyuk

    is the sauna useful

    can those who have experienced this share their experiences?
  3. D

    Looking for an instagram fitness influencer or a fitness-related account with high following and high engagement for upcoming gymwear brand

    Hi all, I have a gymwear brand that is due to launch in September (in a month or so). Aside from the standard gymwear, we have also developed a unique patented product that I think will do well. However, I need to have as many avenues to promote it as possible. I am looking for someone who is...
  4. ty310

    [JV] My product > your traffic, sales in Health/Fitness Space

    Hello BHW! I recently teamed up with an engineer who has a patented product in the Health/Fitness space. His competitors are doing 6-7 figures/month with inferior products. The most similar comparable would be a product doing 7k units/month on amazon alone while priced approximately 110%...
  5. socialplus

    How are you guys staying fit with gyms closed?

    With the gyms being closed in some countries for 5-7 months+ now, I am curious as to how you guys are staying in shape? Personally, I was beginning to be in good shape up until March 2020, and again in December 2020. Now it's a different story. Been trying to stay fit by doing pushups and...
  6. davids355

    [Journey] my journey to 6 pack abs in 2021 [and general fitness]

    OK guys, I said that I would start this journey so here it is. I have posted in the lounge rather than My Journeys sub-forum seeing as thats specifically for IM journeys, which this is not. Although I do feel like there are a lot of similarities to getting fit and succeeding in IM and I...
  7. beastkay

    Which protein shaker you use?

    There are mainly 2-3 types of protein shakers in the market: - 1) Plastic - it gets fucked up with time 2) Stainless steel - you cant see the stuff (its not transparent) 3) Glass shakers - (high risk) which one you use?
  8. aggin

    Fitness Journey & Various Methods

    If there is any mod reading please close my previous thread, thank you. I am done with re-uploading, at least for now. It's been a month since I uploaded the last video, still getting a few $/month tho. My goal now is to reach at least 80 kg, after that I am gonna cut or go for 90 kg. I...
  9. KJREDDY247@

    Gold Gym: 600 audio and video workouts FOR ALL THOSE FITNESS FREAKS

    At Gold’s Gym, the health and safety of our Members and Team Members across the world is always our top priority. During this period of global change, our global brand is staying strong to provide our Gold's Gym community with the tools designed to maintain your routine no matter where you are...
  10. Benni0315

    30 day endurance challange

    Current training per week: 3,5 h kickboxing 2,5h BJJ 2,5H MMA 1,5h Boxing 30km cycling per day (Mo-Fri for going to the gym and sxhool) (Planing to do) Jogging on Saturday (high pace) Recovery jogging on Sunday Sprints Improve my highest wheigt in benchpressing and squats Fit in some Yoga...
  11. MrOlymp

    Online fitness coaching

    Hello guys. I’m in great phisical shape with a lot of fitness, calisthenics and nutrition experience. I will be starting my coaching journey online. What are the best platforms to gain new customers? I will upload training videos, diet plans and 24/7 telegram support for only 15$. How to...
  12. Turan

    What Do You Think About My New Domain?

    Hello, I discovered a new domain 2 hours ago. I bought it without waiting. I am curious about your thoughts, should I sell it?
  13. Sushant Pawar

    My services and your marketing

    Hello BHW, We have great minds here, This is my first thread in this section. So I am a Fitness Coach and have a company which provides fitness-related Online services (eg. Online training) So I need someone who can do marketing for my services and looking for someone long term business...
  14. P

    [PLEASE HELP] Any HEALTH+FITNESS CPA network suggestions?!

    I know it is not in the correct forum to post this but I get best answers over here... Anyone can please suggest me a good CPA network which has HEALTH+FITNESS+BEAUTY offers. It will be great if it will be newbie friendly because I am a starter... {please help me, it been a couple of days I am...
  15. AdamB93

    What do you blog about?

    I'm curious what niche or topics everyone here blogs about. My three niches are fitness/wellness, business, and overall motivation. And who on here has had success with Youtube?
  16. AdamB93

    What's up? New guy here.

    Hey guys and girls, my name is Adam and I'm excited to join this community. I have a small website called Hustle Planet where I write short articles on business, fitness, and overall motivational topics. I want to dive into the SEO world and learn how I can drive crazy traffic to my website...
  17. CThomasRaging

    Social Media - Getting Leads for a Client - Fitness Center

    Hello, We are going to launch a campaign for a fitness center and we already did some brainstorming but we are still seeking other good ideas so we can deliver a great service to our client. It is more of a gym than a fitness center, there are no other services a part of the gym. We need to...
  18. Amoled

    Anyone had experience with Nootropics?

    I hope this isn't against the rules, but probably shouldn't.... Anyone ever took Nootropics, and has experience, positive or negative? Thinking about getting some N-Acetylcysteine or Huperzine A for more Focus and Memory function.
  19. fiastirific

    Looking for ebook designer

    Hey, I'm looking for someone that can design ebooks (entire ebooks, not just covers) with a decent TAT. Must have samples. Fitness niche preferred. PM with samples or a link to your thread or just provide me with details. Thanks!
  20. The Universe Legend

    [Journey + Transformation] Journey to an aesthetic body.

    Hey BHW, This is my first journey in BHW. It is a little bit different. It wont be an amazon affilate site journey lol. So it's a journey to transform my body. I hope this will keep me motivated. Introduction I started Fitness before 2 years. I was also doing calisthenics/street...
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