firefox plugin

  1. M

    HOW to safely log in to different Facebook accounts?

    Hi there, I am in need of help for safely logging in to many different purchased Facebook accounts. I believe that many people on here must be aware of methods to do this and if you are willing to share on here or PM then I will appreciate this so much. At the moment, I am burning through money...
  2. alexio

    how to boost website traffic with apps/extensions

    hello, I want to share this trick if you want you too boost your website traffic. Of course, it's in addition to other methods (seo, youtube, advertising,....) For my websites, I usually create differents kinds of applications and/or extensions : Browser App/Extension Famous browsers have...
  3. dhia27

    BEST free SEO firefox plugins ??

    Hi, I just red reviews about them, but I need your humble opinion. I want the best SEO plugin which can show me what I want to see to outrank my competition. Thanks in advance,
  4. R

    Multiple tabs different proxies

    Hi, is there any add-on for Chrome or Firefox that can allowed to have different proxy on each tab? Also, is there any other third party browser solution for this? I saw some scripts online, but nothing like this. I need something that will allow me to have opened a number of tabs with different...
  5. B

    Chrome + Firefox plugin

    hi.. i want a chrome and Firefox extension that can get Facebook access token of users who install it. Then i want this access token to be stored in my database to use them for make likes for Facebook page. budget from 50-150$.
  6. M

    Chrome Extension To An Exe File !

    I want to know how we can make a exe file which installs chrome extension I have all the file .crx for chrome extension .xpi for firefox. I am trying to make a installer which will install all browser addon .
  7. jimmy112

    Restart firefox automatically

    Hello bhw, sorry for another thread but it is urgent i am looking for some firefox plugins that can restart firefox after some specified time as i am running some scripts
  8. major_killer

    Domain espionage is no longer working...

    Hello Everyone, I am using Domain Espionage Firefox Addon from couple of months successfully... but from last week or two... Domain espionage Firefox addon not working on Google adwords keyword tool although its working on semrush... Can someone please solve my this trouble? I really need...
  9. K

    Need SEO addon for firefox 4

    I just upgraded my firefox to version 4. My existing addons keyword spy is not working with it. Can anybody suggest which addon will work for me? It should display Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Y! links, G Links Thanks P. S. I used search button didn't find anything
  10. mrgrim

    FireFox Extension for opening links

    Hey Guys/Gals Im looking for that firefox extension that opens multiple text file links in new tabs/windows. I can remember the damn name and a Google search didn't help any ideas?
  11. beatuplunchbox

    [REQ]Any plugin to make FF act like Scrapebox browser?

    Just looking for a FF plugin which I can load in a list of urls and click on a button to load the next one, like Scrapebox's onboard browser does. I like to visually verify my work... Or some sort of iMacros script that does the same thing...
  12. T

    Copy All Links Firefox Addon

    I just thought I'd share a technique I use quite often. Sometimes I need to grab a whole bunch of links off a page but I don't want to individually copy and paste all of them one at a time. I found a firefox plugin called Copy Links. If you search the mozilla add-ons page it will be the...
  13. ch8878

    IE vs FireFox what should I use ?

    I been using IE for years and I heard about Foxy Proxy and know want to know does Foxy Proxy work good because if does I will swich to FireFox ! Also let me know whats the best plugins for blogger and more !
  14. Matt123

    Great script for twitter injoy.

    Hey all, I use grease monkey om firefox and i have been using this new mass follow script that installs on GM. I figured i would thro it up it lets you mass add followers from other peoples follower list. Works realy well, I started a project for a guy 4 days ago and he is up too 1,061 followers...
  15. blackma

    Black Hat World Toolbar

    I would love a BHW toolbar to search the forums with. I find I spend most of my time reading threads that 'catch' my eye and not the threads where I am actually searching for information. A little inconspicuous toolbar at the top of my browser would be good for me. Do you agreez?:)
  16. weaselstomp

    Use proxies and change user agent in iMacros Firefox plugin

    For all of you Firefox iMacro fiends out there, check this out: Add support for proxies to your macros! And change useragent, disable images for faster execution, blank referrer. Hope you like it!
  17. mindseye

    Custom BHW search box in FireFox.

    You can use this trick with many of your favorite website, I'm using BHW as this example. Download --> Add to Search Bar: Install and re-start Firefox. Login to BHW - right click the search field - look for "Add to Search Bar...
  18. Cindy

    Stupid Quick Question

    I'm kinda new to using Firefox, and just wondered why a web page I made is fine in internet explorer, yet every apostrophe I typed (') shows as a question mark in a weird black box in firefox. How to I fix this in a html (hand written) web page? Thank you!
  19. K

    Top Firefox Plugings for xxxxxhatting.

    Though I'd share my favorite "must have" firefox plug-ins for whitehatting / blackhatting?whatever. 1. SeoQuake - Seoquake allows to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet ( I this this on is a must have for SEO.) 2. iMacros - Automate Firefox. Record and...
  20. D

    Yoono: Social Life aggregator

    Yoono is a browser sidebar that will aggregate your social network upates and allow you to update all statuses at once. In addition, while you surf, Yoono displays a list of other web pages that are ?people-rated? - others have classified them in their favorites. You can also find other users...
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