how to boost website traffic with apps/extensions

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    I want to share this trick if you want you too boost your website traffic.

    Of course, it's in addition to other methods (seo, youtube, advertising,....)

    For my websites, I usually create differents kinds of applications and/or extensions :

    Browser App/Extension
    • Famous browsers have their own store with applications. Millions of people search also in this kind of store. So it's a bonus to get traffic from this source. You can appear for free inside the stores
    1. About Firefox & Opera, I'm not a developer, so I never create my app/plugin, but you can ask an expert in fiverr
    2. About Chrome, it's easy to create an app, you just to create one file. Better is to use the website that generate automaticaly the app

    Mobile App
    If you have a website, you can create a native app or a non-native app that encapsulate your website (and simule the browser in the app). Phonegap is very useful this.
    Cost to make a non-native is cheap, you can go on fiverr and find seller for that
    1. iPhone App : more expensive than and android app because you need to buy a licence ($100)
    2. Android App : in fiverr, it'll cost you about $5 to get your own app. After, you will need to create your developer account (i remember ~$25).and that's it.