chrome extension

  1. JavascriptPufferfish

    i need mathematical advice about inflation (Argentina's levels). answer here to look really smart.

    my cousin is working for a little business that sells to other little businesses. he lets them get the merchandise, and pay at a later date of their convenience. in english, i think its called trade credits and open accounts. they buy with trade credit. they each have an open account and pay him...
  2. n0glitch

    How I built a Chrome Extension that got featured on ProductHunt, without any experience, in just 1 week, only using ChatGPT and a few hundred $

    Introduction I’m a frequent user of Google Chrome Extensions for productivity in my daily work and have always wanted to create one for the Chrome Web Store. Background Last week, I had some free time and decided to start this as a new and interesting side project. (Just a little background...
  3. O

    [HAF] Looking for someone to develop an AI Chatbot Chrome Extension

    Hey there, I'm looking to hire a developer who understands LLM's and how to use them to respond to people on a adult dating site. To follow a certain script with an end goal. Budget: Negotiable Time-length for Dev: Unsure, need advice from your side. Happy to wait a month or more...
  4. AverageJackass

    VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

    Hello everyone! I decided to start using a Chrome SEO extension for my youtube channel. Any advice on which extension I should buy a subscription for?
  5. bestspinner

    Free Google trends for Twitter

    A simple and convenient tool that shows you the Google trends on the Twitter page Do you want to know what's trending on Google and Twitter at the same time? Do you want to search and explore the popular topics and keywords on both platforms with one click? Do you want to discover new insights...
  6. tattooedbuddha

    [FREE] Get a ChatGPT Agent in Your Browser To Automate Work [CHROME EXTENSION]

    I found a free chrome extension that brings ChatGPT into your browsing experience. Get it for free here: A guide on how to use it: Cheers! Disclaimer: I am not associated with or endorsed by Harpa AI or any other particular business, group, or...
  7. F

    Js deobfuscation of chrome externsion

    Good morning, I'm currently looking to hire someone to deobfuscate a chrome extension. Thank you
  8. Divisoria

    5 chrome extensions you need to install today!

    Hi, It's me again Divi, I have 5 gems chrome extensions you need to install today! Let's go 1. = if you want to create screen and camera recordings to make an impression. Just install the Chrome extension and start creating recordings. It allows you to create multiple links, trim...
  9. M

    Looking for a developer that can track shopify sales for any store

    Hey BHW I'm looking for a developer that can create chrome extensions, and track realtime sales of any shopify store.
  10. lepman

    ⚡[Chrome Extension] Upwork Job Notifications - Get Instant Popup Job Notifications, Become the First Freelancer to Submit Proposal

    Announcing for the first time on BHW!!! Are you a freelancer on Upwork? With this Google Chrome extension you'll never miss out on new jobs from Upwork. Set up your filters, sit back and relax. Whenever you get a notification you can submit a proposal right away - beating your competition...
  11. WhiteHatCoder

    [GET] Custom Made Bots, Automation Tools, Chrome Extensions, and other Coding Related tasks

    CONTACT ======================== Email: [email protected] Telegram: Skype: Username: WhiteHat Coder SkypeId: live:.cid.e9cc74a3b7f64180 Invite Link: Note: ======================== For some things, I may be...
  12. keithdu45

    Chrome Web Store Installs Dropping — Why?

    Hi I have a Chrome extension that's been on the store for 2 years, It has been kind of dead since then, not really used, and rare new installs About a month ago, it had about 100 installs, and the number has been dropping lately & suddenly I guess this could be people uninstalling it, but it's...
  13. keithdu45

    Chrome & Firefox Extension Installs Provider

    Hi I'd be interested in buying Chrome & Firefox extension installs (without reviews) Amounts: around 100-200 installs total I need the installs to stick and not disappear Would anyone be able to provide this type of service or know a good place to order this? Thank you
  14. Ricostrong

    Awesome Chrome Extensions

    Sup again, heres some cool stuff like chrome extentions like 1.JsonvieW (simple chrome extension that validates and beautiful JSOn content loaded in the browser) 2. Color eye dropper Chrome Extension (for analyzing the color codes on any websites) "1 you get the hex code and rgb code, 2 it...
  15. KingShizL

    Is this a good idea?

    Hey guys, So I plan on launching an SEO chrome extension that lets you view The Google page rank Ranking keywords Backlinks Top pages of any website, blog post, or page you visit without the need to copy links to any platform. Let me know if this could be useful to your online...
  16. Josh Saga

    Recommended SEO Chrome Extensions?

    Hello, Here to ask for your recommended Chrome Extensions that would be of help with SEO. Thanks, Josh

    Looking for Affiliate Program - Neoboard Chrome Extenstion

    Make your Life east with Neobaord Chrome Extension. Get the Features: Translate : Translate text with languages Message Template : Create templates and send messages to your customers in 1 click in any language. Track Package : Check where your client's package is, without leaving the chat, So...
  18. DigitalDaniel

    (WTB) Chrome Extension Installs

    Hey, Looking to buy good chrome extension installs. Would prefer countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Not looking for all at once download, but rather a steady increase in installs over a few days. Thanks!
  19. seocrab

    How to view historical keyword trends right on the SERP

    Here's another free tool you can use while doing your keyword research on the SERP (works with my free SERP keyword research method). Keywords Everywhere (free version) shows you historical keyword trends for everything you search. Premium users will also see keyword volume estimates, but...
  20. J

    want to buy chrome extension installs - 400 users for $150

    Hi there looking to buy real chrome extension installs - USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA only - not incl asia and africa Gradual install rate - not looking for 400 users all at once -- spaced out over a 3/4 days to look less suspicious. Experienced PROs only please not looking to get banned by chrome...
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