1. techbeastzz

    Chrome unable to start correctly

    Chrome unable to start completely, please can anyone help me about this, chrome is updated, i install reinstall chrome but still problem is same. (This is my vps)
  2. bestspinner

    Free Google trends for Twitter

    A simple and convenient tool that shows you the Google trends on the Twitter page Do you want to know what's trending on Google and Twitter at the same time? Do you want to search and explore the popular topics and keywords on both platforms with one click? Do you want to discover new insights...
  3. O

    The Best Web Browser!?

    Oh Shit, here we go again. brave browser is the best browser, firefox is good & edge is ok. chrome...
  4. C

    How to Change Chrome text suggestions

    Hi guys, when you click on a text field, it shows what you used to write, or how can I change or delete it?
  5. A

    want to buy installs for a chrome extension

    i have a chrome extension and for that i need more installs i want this work fast and will pay good for it\
  6. TheDankChocolate

    What's your most and least used browser? Why so?

    So, when I was new to IM in general had no idea any good browsers exist apart from Chrome (was not aware of how Chrome sucks your RAM) Then, i discovered that there this Browser called Brave that does the job equally good (read better) I personally use Brave the most these days and...
  7. reysauron

    How to save data? (MB usage)

    Hi members!. Years ago I used a service for data consumption. With an extension in firefox, it blocked all kinds of multimedia (images, animations, etc), it was almost text mode and the saving in MB usage was extreme. Currently I have to use chrome and I can't find how to save data. There are...
  8. H

    Google Chrome show profile name in address bar

    Hi all, I want google chrome show my profile name or custom text in address bar like antidetect brower ( image bellow ) Plz help me Tks
  9. Rollfic

    Why I always come back to Chrome ??

    Chrome takes up so much resources plus so much privacy issue. Tried many chromium browsers like Brave, Opera, Chromium, Vivaldi, Edge but after sometime nothing seems fast and smooth like Chrome. I want to sync bookmarks, history but don't want to do with Chrome as they get so much data...
  10. Sunya

    Chrome browser alert!

    Google has confirmed multiple new vulnerabilities have been discovered in Chrome that impact the browser across all major platforms. Source: Chrome News
  11. A

    Looking for good france vpn

    hi guys, im looking for france vpn with chrome extension, and i want one IP By chrome session . Any suggestion?
  12. JohnKowalski

    Boost Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird in a Single Click!

    Hey, recently stumbled across this awesome software. Tested and it works. Boost Startup in up to 3 times! Speed-up browsing history Overall quicker operation Smaller profile size
  13. H

    I need help with SessionBox Chrome extension..

    I am not sure if this is the right section to ask for this kind of support but this is the closest I could find, please forgive me because I am new-ish here.. Recently I have attempted to use SessionBox chrome extension (for cookie isolation) and I signedup, but then upon logging in it...
  14. cubitly

    Any Tips On How To Appear In Android Discover Section And Chrome APP "Content Suggestions"?

    Guys how can I make my site appear in google chrome mobile app "Suggestion Tab"?
  15. niffum

    How to rank on the Chrome Web Store?

    Hello Black Hat World! Newbie here. I want to rank #1 / #2 on the Chrome Web Store quickly. How can I do it? Is it a SEO grind & waiting for 5-6 months? Or is it getting downloads / ratings? Any black hat tricks? Thanks
  16. Castamir

    How can I extract a paid Chrome extension from my browser?

    I have tried every tutorial on the internet (not really, just the first three pages of Google) and learnt a lot about the process. However, I keep getting the error "the manifest file is not available or readable ". Please what am I doing wrong, cause I am sure that I am?
  17. M

    Searching website source for a piece of code?

    I am looking for a way to search an entire website's source code without crawling it. Right now, I can only look at each page's source code individually, and that is very time-consuming. Do any of you know of an engine/tool/app/plugin etc. that searches the source of the entire blog or website...
  18. TomTheCat

    [Google] Handling Heavy Ad Interventions

    Google will make some changes this year, regarding ads. Those of you who rely on ads, you should read.
  19. E

    (Help Needed) TextNow Allow Microphone Issue

    I have allowed Textnow site to access microphone in chrome/firefox and also checked my Windows 10 setting to see that Microphone access is On, but still having this error: Please Help
  20. G

    Google Block 3rd party cookie tracking

    Hi All, I just read a few articles on google regarding Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking in 2 years' time. I have a concern whether there is any impact on Google ads or DBM retargeting campaigns by using the Floodlight pixels since Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking. Read...
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