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  1. T

    CPM in email newsletter?

    I have a growing daily email newsletter (currently around 5000 daily readers) on the theme of sustainable living. I would like to monetize the newletter through ad placement. Any ideas what services I can use for this? I understand it's a relatively small audience
  2. A

    I need a mass mailer program

    I'm looking for a mass email software that either allows me to revolve my own IP addresses or a complete solution with a high delivery rate. The company has been sending out 250,000 emails a day though a company that manages their current software and it is no longer meeting expectations. The...
  3. I

    Email Marketing Question From the New Guy! Send me in the right direction!

    So yesterday I setup a custom landing page from scratch. Needless to say I'm super proud about the way it turned out, but i ran into an issue. :damnit: The Submit Form I am using is pretty much a standard thing through the Wordpress layout im using with some custom CSS. I Can't for the life out...
  4. S

    Email Blast. IS IT WORTH IT?

    So the other day I have found multiple sites and sellers for email lists. Is it worth buying email lists? If so, what would be a reasonable price range? And yes, I do have a server that can send out up to 1 mil emails a day.
  5. S

    Help Me.

    Hello there, I am an aspiring Entreprenuer with experience in Affiliate marketing/email blasting. I would really love to skype with somone who has experience in online advertising and could guide me in the right direction. Afterall, dont you wish someone did the same when you began like me...
  6. B

    Email Marketing

    hello i want to start reselling of sending email marketing for sending emails i may buy package from these 2 websites w w w.p o wermt aexperts. co m vali dem ailcollector . c o m/ Bu yR a pid Ema ilMar keter.aspx they will give me some pannel to send emails or my friends here...
  7. hipster9

    [URGENT REPLY PLEASE] 10276 e-mail ID's of Indian people for sale

    Hello I don't know where to post this topic but found this category the most suitable. If you are from INDIA then you already know that today TRAI published the list of over a million e-mail ID's of the people who mailed them about Net neutrality. As soon as I came to know about this I went...
  8. gmailseller

    How can I learn online marketing???

    can anyone help me to give me advice . Without paying any cost , how can I become a Email Marketer ?
  9. T

    "Response Guaranteed" Inmail (Or email) Subject Line

    Hi All, A lot, if not most, of marketing is done via email or inmail. Try to remember how frustrating it is to hunt your lead even get in touch with him and get no response for your email/inmail. Well, I made a lot of experiments with subject lines and trying to find the one that gets the best...
  10. Teotech

    100% OFF On Setup Fees For Personal SMTP Service - Save Up To $60 (Approved)

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 08/27/2015 ---- Hello to all, Most of you know my unique and exclusive service here at BHW. We provide PERSONAL SMTP servers, not just SMTP accounts. We guarantee dedicated white listed and rotating ips, SPF, DKIM and rDNS 10/10 at as you can see below...
  11. J

    Hi Peoples i am looking for auto responder series for different niches.

    Email series required for my auto responder. Anybody can hook me up let me know. Emailing cold leads so will need to build up relation with them. Thanks
  12. G

    On the path and Solo Ads

    Hi everyone! Just a quick word to introduce myself. I have decided to start my new career in IM and chose to start with email and Solo ads. You seem to be an interesting bunch, so here I am. If anyone feels inclined to help me on getting the best solo ads, please do so. It will be highly...
  13. N

    Mass Email Markeintg & Best Email Newsletter Service

    Hello, I need to send out a large number of email newsletters/marketing copy, and Im wondering what the best service that wont block me is? I've used Mailchimp in the past but they tend to suspend your account incredibly quickly after a few unsubscribes. Also, what is the typical threshold for...
  14. X

    how people are sending email offers?

    Hi guys, I have a small targeted email list of about 1k. I know this is wrong but I knew no better on how to send offers to this list. so what I did is used a email example(email @ myDomainName . com) (connected through gmail) to send these offers. ( I was offering webdesign services to local...
  15. Suffocator

    Question for email gurus. Email mass opener.

    Dear BHW community, please help with question. Is there any software that can allow me to open and "read" 1 Million letters, that are already in inboxes of my 20 000 automatically generated accounts? Many thanks in advance, sorry if I posted in a wrong branch.
  16. Tytus

    Bulk email campaign

    Hello; I'm looking for professional company or freelancer with expertise and resources to do between 200,000 to 500,000 email per week constantly. Please advise the fee per 100,000 and your terms/conditions. Thanks in advance.
  17. A

    Aweber or Mailchimp or Get Respone? Any advice?

    It seems like these 3 are the most popular autoresponders on the forum. From what I can tell, Aweber seems to be a favorite because of it's segmenting, but it seems really expensive. Anyone out there have a clear cut preference? Or are there other services out there I should consider? **...
  18. L

    Looking for Email marketing expert

    Hay, Last few days I spent more then $200 for Buy email marketing tools and service but no one able to help me get inbox and sale my product. I am interested to hire a per person who are work with me profit sharing also make inbox and bring a good result. Pm me anyone interested here or add me...
  19. T

    Seeking SMTP provider

    I need to find someone who can provide an SMTP host server. I need to send 10k emails per day (roughly 200k/month.) I am using Atomic software to send the newsletters already, however I cant use their hosting service as I was blacklisted. We have a large amount of bouncebacks as some of our...
  20. J

    New member / New company

    Hello BHW , New member to this forum, but have been part of many forums prior. From Los Angeles California, and starting a new business. I recently left my job at Wells Fargo bank to pursue the dream of being my own boss. I have recently made some connections in the Fashion District and am...
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