"Response Guaranteed" Inmail (Or email) Subject Line

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    Hi All,

    A lot, if not most, of marketing is done via email or inmail.
    Try to remember how frustrating it is to hunt your lead even get in touch with him and get no response for your email/inmail.
    Well, I made a lot of experiments with subject lines and trying to find the one that gets the best result.
    When ever I used "Did I Offend You?" subject line I got a quick response in 90% of the cases.
    It works best with partners that you are already in touch with, but don't be afraid to try it on a new leads.
    It kind of make sense to right such a subject line, especially in today's marketing world where we speak and write to people from different countries and different cultures.
    Maybe we were too pushy or too rude or too personal. You never know.
    Make sure that the text in the body of the inmail/email matches the subject line.
    Some thing like: "I sent you my last email after we discussed in details that our solution fits your requirements. I didn't hear from you since. Was I to pushy? Did I offend you?"

    Try it out and let me know what are the results.

    All the Best,
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    Thanks... Would try it out.