duplicat content

  1. F

    Can i get some advice regarding duplicate content on Ecommerce site

    Hi All, Since most of your are experts at what you do hopefully you can advice me on how i can resolve the below issue without having to 301 each url manually which is just too long. so this is my issue i have a ecommerce website and since i list the same product in multiple categories this...
  2. abdelhake

    Is there anyone here tried the duplicate content and rank with it ?

    We always hear that Google does not like duplicate content and does not rank it, I want to check it myself. I want to create a website based on 100% copied content. What do you suggest for me? Has anyone ever tried this? thanks
  3. T

    Can I use the same structure of writing content as my main site on my other site in the same niche?.

    Hello, Can I use the same structure of writing content I use on my main website on my other website in the same niche? The content will be different, but certain things like the structure and specifications table will be the same. If I do soo, will it be considered as duplicate content or hurt...
  4. S

    Duplicate Content on Subdomain

    Hello Guys, Let me tell my problem. I developed a new website for my agency on a subdomain like: https://new.domain.com and when I moved the content in the main domain: https://domain.com I forgot to put a noindex on the developing subdomain. Now, my friend Google indexed both verions of the...
  5. Dark Hat 007

    Does Number of words matter in SEO - Watch this Google MythBursting Video

    I just saw this on SEO Round Table. I have no idea if it has been posted already. Anyways. The following questions were answered in this video Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00) Introduction to the episode (1:07) How much content should I have and to...
  6. Ravi Tandon

    Same Content use for PPT?

    Hi All, Can i use same content (published on my website's blog) to create PPT and videos & submit it on more than 10 website? Will google penalize?
  7. M

    Human vs machine intelligence: how to win when ‘duplicate’ content is unique

    Sometimes humans and machines disagree about what content is duplicate content. Here's why–and how to beat the system when it happens. https://searchengineland.com/human-vs-machine-intelligence-how-to-win-when-duplicate-content-is-unique-309098
  8. the gent

    Does google sees translated content as duplicate?

    If I translate articles from different sites and translating them into English and publish them on my blog works? Will Google treat this as a duplicate or it will be unique? As I want to apply for Adsense with this blog!
  9. John_freeze

    Regrading Content Under Tabber and Duplicacy Issue

    Hello Experts All tabbers content in my website is not indexing in Google. How can we resolve this? my webpage's most content is under display:none My site is not enabled for mobile first index yet. Results are always fluctuating. Please help!
  10. B

    Avoid being flagged for photos

    I want to add some photos to my website. The photos are going to be exact same as the manufacturer photo (i have an online store. I am selling clearance products so for me no problem to mention the brand or give link to manufacturer website). Is there a way to avoid being flagged by google. As...
  11. H

    Duplicate Content Problem

    Hi! I made the following experience: I wrote on article which i uploaded on a page press release page. I had one link to my site in this article including the main keyword from my "site + test". This press site was in a network and my article was postet on 10 different sites with the same...
  12. Celestial711

    Ecommerce duplicate content

    I am working on a vacation rental agency website. The company operates as a third party agency that rent holiday homes managed by other companies or agents therefor none of the property content they use are theirs and they copy content from other sites and use it on their own site. My question...
  13. Celestial711

    Yoast XML sitemap settings

    I have 2 questions regarding Yoast SEO settings: 1) What is the difference between no indexing taxonomies and allowing/disallowing them in the sitemap? 2) I am confused about no-indexing taxonomies in my sitemap because of potential duplicate content, my theme has custom post types that may...
  14. codeman1234

    What to do with content that is duplicate?

    Hello, Maybe this is a dumb question but, how you deal with content that is duplicate for Google not to penalize it? What I mean with content that is duplicate is for example if you have an amazon affiliate store then the product description that will show same on amazon and in other sites...
  15. S

    Duplicate Content on E-commerce site

    I am trying to look for a solution for my client's e-commerce site which has close to 15k products. My client is about to launch a brand new e-commerce site built on Shopify. The issue is, all the product description of the website is taken from their various suppliers. How do I go about this...
  16. D

    How to SEO for ecommerce site? Please help

    Hi friends, Any recommenced SEO techniques for ecommerce site? Specifically how to overcome duplicate content issue. For say, i am selling iphone 6 but 1000's of online stores selling iphone 6. So there may be lot of chances to occur duplicate content. Please assist me how to do good SEO...
  17. T

    Multiple Landing Pages for Adwords Campaign with almost same content

    Hello, I have an adwords campaing setup with multiple ad groups. For each ad group (which consist of 1 to 5 keywords) I have created a landing page (I have over 10 landing pages). The landing pages look the same except a part of the text. The landing page is structured like this: at the top I...
  18. pulkitseo

    please guide me

    Does the alt tag duplicacy within site hurt sites keywords ranking ?
  19. N

    How does google determines duplicate content

    Hey Guys , We usually use copyscape to check if the content is duplicate or not. What do you all think what google uses to decide about duplicate content. http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/09/demystifying-duplicate-content-penalty.html Google clearly mentions there is no such...
  20. P

    Duplicate content sites, the whys and wherefores

    Hi everyone, Im a very happy black hatter at the moment. I have been locked in a room coding and reading articles on PHP/curl, apache and the side effects of drinking excess amounts of caffeine. I have emerged in a daze, smelling like a camels armpit on a misty day and realized that I...
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