domain value

  1. mubashirshakoor

    What will be price for

    I want to know the value of
  2. seocrab

    What is my .net domain worth?

    I registered a new .net domain (no backlinks) for a new project about 1 month ago. It's a catchy name that's brandable and also has keywords (590 exact monthly searches, many more broad variations). The .com and .org are taken. I've been building up the site on a test server so the domain just...
  3. H

    Considering Buying A Complete Website From Someone Need Help With Valuing

    I am considering buying a complete website from a site owner. The site was used as a blog and article site, but is not monetized. It is a 12 year old site, in my niche, with a PA 23, DA 16; TF 19, CF 22, Alexa 24 million, PR 3. The site features articles written by experts in the niche's...
  4. L

    How much can a new gtld be worth?

    I recently registered the new gtld Estibot tells me it's worth $15.000, but I can't believe that. I think it is worth less, since the word "master" can be registered in all of the new endings. Has someone experience with evaluating the worth of a domain with the new extensions?
  5. P

    Looking for advise on building traffic to gain value

    Hi everyone i have some great parked domains and I'm seeking some advise on how to manage them eventually I'd like to sell them off I'm just seeking some great advise all purchased before company merger ;) I'm hoping to get some great suggestions as I'm told this is the go/to forum :) Thanj
  6. S E O whats the worth of this domain!!!!!!!

    Hello guys and gals May I know what the worth of this domain as it is having some good age and pr Pr 3 3 years of age 400+ good quality back links Really excited to know how much price will this domain would be? Cheers Never give up
  7. D

    How much is this Domain Worth?

    Hey guys, how much is this domain worth. Can't post URl, hence posting an image.
  8. grocky

    Domain value

    I am very amateur on domaining... I can buy a domain with this characteristics by $500: PageRank 4 (Strong) Domain age 3 years (2010) Domain authority 50 Page authority 45 Backlinks 394302 D0-F0ll ow Backlinks 385466 Pages indexed on Google 518 Facebook likes 26419 Facebook shares 28482 Tweets...
  9. Th0rr

    [GUIDE] How to value a domain name

    Hey everyone, Everyday I see threads like this : - What is my domain name worth ? - I bought some domains for $10 and I think they're worth $XXXX - I bought a killer domain name : , how much can I sell it ? Most of these questions can be answered and usually the same questions are...
  10. fxphil

    A Company wants my Domain how do I value this?

    I own the domain I got an email and a few calls from a company wanting to purchase it from me. How do I place a value on it? Any Ideas on its value?
  11. V

    Domain / Site value Checker ???

    Hi friends, Is there any websites to check the value of a website automatically ? Like: I have a site named : What's the worth of it ? Does anyone know ? Please help me around how to sell this website. I'm a newbie...
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