What will be price for ukflip.com?


Banned - selling outside of the marketplace.
Feb 20, 2022
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I want to know the value of ukflip.com
Unless somebody likes domain a lot and want to build a brand around such domain, then probably not much more than cost to register a domain.
Nothing dude, unless you can develop it and show some earning potential, then otherwise the best you can do is auction it off for something reasonable, or hold out if at all for a higher bidder on a domain offer.

I just came here after buying a 2 keyword domain with a - in the middle as without is not available, or even a site. So I have 10k-100k visitors a month to myself if google thinks I would make a nice fit for this niche once I finish the site. Spent $6. Risk? Maybe 20 hours of work to get onto auto pilot external SEO ready. Maybe I'll sell it for 1k-10k+ if I can get it running. But without the track record, there is no hope. That's the same for every decision that every domain pro will make. Can they either flip it as soon as possible or build something worth the name. Both you need to have some experience through doing it, and since it only costs $10 if you're not hosting then you have even less risk.
Domain name alone is worth what someone is willing to pay for it
the domain is taken in no other extensions and i did some research couldn't find any potential clients list it as make an offer and hope for the best : )
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