How much is this Domain Worth?


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Jul 31, 2009
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Hey guys, how much is this domain worth. Can't post URl, hence posting an image.



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No I did not check aHref. Valuate is valuing this at $1900?
a big fat zero. It is a typo domain and terrible one at that. some people forget the first dot between www and keyword. or sometimes people will forget the dot between keyword and com but never both. ever.
Does this mean that valuate appraisals are not dependable.
Not worth of more than $10 or maybe less. There are a lot of better domains listed on GoDaddy auction place. And BTW, where did you got it?
$1900?? Are you sure there is no "dot" after 19?
Even then, it is not true.
Here is the screen grab taken now
View attachment 39870

Automated tools are always bullshit, it probably spotted the "CarInsurance" string in you domain so it put a good pricetag on it, but in the real world that domain is really worth nothing because there are thousands of domains like that still free. Just imagine,, still the same bullshit domain nobody's gonna remember and every branding attempt will be impossible because people will always come to the one and only which is basically priceless.
sorry duplicate post


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It's not an EMD, so it's worth nothing.
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