whats the worth of this domain!!!!!!!


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May 29, 2013
Hello guys and gals
May I know what the worth of this domain as it is having some good age and pr

Pr 3
3 years of age
400+ good quality back links

Really excited to know how much price will this domain would be?

Never give up
PR 3, DA 19, PA 23
Worth anywhere between 30 to 50$(Buyer might pay more if he likes the name..but this is the minimum). Not more than that because above that PR 4's get sold with similar stats
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i think there will be no bonus for the name ....... its not really worth much as hardcore biker mentioned already
pa? da?

because pr will die soon .

and is it ranking for any keyword ? traffic ?

if you can get it into google news then this might be worth good money.

or if you can rank it for some news related keywords.

for a news site there brand means some thing , but your domain is not bad.

use it.
you might get $100 - $1k depending upon buyer .

It all depends on the backlink profile. Shoot me a message and I give you my thoughts on it.
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