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  1. M

    Does tlds affect ranking and seo

    I want to know that domain tkds affect seo or traffic The domain i want has been taken only org dot uk - dot pro - dot online - live and blog - tlds arw available which one is best to go with?
  2. T

    ★ Massive social traffic ★ EARN BIG $$$ ★ Get Automated Job boards with 100 to 1000 jobs posted automatically ★ 25% OFF ★

    Ever wondered why job boards are so expensive? yet one of the fastest niches to grow organically. It is because the market is hungry and there will always be fresh graduates every season in search of jobs and are quick to respond to posts relating to new openings, they also follow socials...
  3. Age of Browsing

    Seekiing an IP / Domain Name Expert To Keep An Anonymous Website Open to the Public

    I am publishing a website of video excerepts from various sources that might violate DMCA rules at times. I will be using an anomyous site host that ignores DMCA complaints. However, I want to find a way to prevent Google from blocking my site, either through banning the domain name or by...
  4. Sartre

    ███████【 Sartre's Aged Domains 】███████ -10% Discount ███████ ▶️ Exclusive Aged Domain Names ▶️ 20+ years old ▶️ Dominate Google ◀️

    From the desk of Sartre, I’m going to keep this simple. I have dropped over $1.5M of my crypto money on buying Aged Domains at auctions over the last 2 years. I have a massive portfolio of Aged Domain names, and now it's time to let them go. You can see a general overview of my domains here...
  5. Sartre

    ⚡ Namecheap is having a summer sale. domains are 2 bucks cheaper or something like that

    Always good to save a bit if you were about to buy 50 domains or so. cheers!
  6. R

    Brainstorming Ideas

    Hi BHW users, I'm looking to add to my brain storming of ideas on Purchasing, Registering and flipping domain names to businesses. My current method was to either buy expired or dropping domains that have really good business name quality and search volume of 500>. I would cold email a...
  7. citizenx28

    Selling Expired Domains DA55+,TF18+

    Hello, I am selling few domains which I bought almost a year ago. I had some plans to use them but could never make time because of sudden family issues. If any of the domain stats interests you, please let me know in this thread and I will PM to take the discussion ahead. Domains are...
  8. Crewchief007

    Godaddy Acquires

    Hello Domainers, I just received this email from informing me that they have been acquired by Godaddy. I currently own over 6000 domain names and have accounts with both companies. I love the Uniregitry GUI. If you haven't noticed, Godaddy changed their GUI last week, I'm not...
  9. Wrath Of God

    Deleted Domains Worth Buying?

    Hi BHW, I am a newbie in buying Expired/Deleted domains. It would be great if you could help me to clear a few doubts regarding buying a deleted domain. 1. Do backlinks & DA still remain for a Deleted Domain. 2. Can we buy a Deleted domain from a different domain registrar? 3. Redirecting an...
  10. eatingMemory

    [Kevin's Expired Domains] Expired Domains With Backlinks from Wikipedia, Foxnews & More From $10

    [Kevin's Expired Domains] For sale are expired domains from only $10. These domains are great for SEO purposes as they have an established back link profile. Most of my domains have at least a link from an authority site such as Wikipedia, Foxnews , & many More. You can use these domains for ...
  11. HiPurple

    Make Money And Learn to Invest In Brandable Domain Names for Free

    Michael Cyger, of DNAcademy (founder and former owner of Domain Sherpa and one of the few domain name gurus to actually pay attention to) talks about a unique twist for anyone with an interest in naked domain investing (flipping) to test the waters for free. (Traditional domain flipping is...
  12. Y

    How much would these domains go for?

    Here my some domains and ı want to know your opinion about these domains. Thanks for your all reply. Domain Names and Ages Ewlx(.)Com 12 years old in12(.)Com 15 years old İosick(.)Com 1 month
  13. skyhigh1989

    SEO Metric Domains

    Hi I have mainly been involved in selling domains such as keywords, brandables and some ccTLDs. I did some recent SEO metric tests and some domains came back with pretty decent DA/PA metrics. I'm not to familiar with this part about domains and was hoping some people in BHW could shed some...
  14. ATuringtest

    Moz Spam score accurate ?

    I have found a good domain name in my niche that has great back-links and lots of incoming. all the other metrics are good except Moz spam which says 41%. I checked links and the highest spam link is actually from a fully legit university in New Zealand which has a report that ties into my...
  15. B

    Domains dropcatching

    I have been researching a lot about this lately. I've even emailed companies and learned some valuable things. I am not looking for .com, .net etc., I have an alternative market in mind. A market with less competition but with value. Those who have built or used bots which can catch domains...
  16. A

    How would YOU make money with these????

    I was just going through my GoDaddy account and found a couple domains that I was thinking about trying to monetize. Can't come up with anything that makes me wanna jump though. I was hoping the kind folks here would fill this thread with some ideas for me. Let me explain the domains...... Both...
  17. Couch Monkey Media

    What should I do with domains that I have saved up over the years

    I guess you can call me a domain hoarder. Bit of an auction junky. So over the years I have picked up a good amount of domains either from auction or expired and so on. Never done anything with them. So trying to decide should I finally put something up on them or just list them and sell them...
  18. C


    SO i have been running a youtube channel with my fiancee it brings in about 2k a month from custom videos just started IG FB have other acc but no content all of these accounts have the same name it is a #1 ranked key word in but in low compition words i am starting a web site looking to buy...
  19. ekkamina420

    PBN domain search ! help amigos :)

    in search for PBN domain again came to something new found some domains with DA= 50+ no spamlink profile on moz , good backlinks profile with anchor text as website name and url. BUT website are normally, & is this good for PBN? regards ek!
  20. homeriscool

    Indecisive When Choosing a Domain Name - Any Advice?

    Does anyone else get stuck on settling on a domain name for a new site? Ive been stuck for 2 days now and still cant decide. Is anyone else like this?
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