How would YOU make money with these????


Apr 3, 2015
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I was just going through my GoDaddy account and found a couple domains that I was thinking about trying to monetize. Can't come up with anything that makes me wanna jump though. I was hoping the kind folks here would fill this thread with some ideas for me. Let me explain the domains......

Both domains are .coms and both are exact match keywords for popular torrent programs. One exact match keyword gets 60k searches a month and the other 6600 searches per month. The domain that's 60k, also had DA of 16, CF 14, and TF 6.

Looking for ideas on how to monetize them.

Let's hear what ya got!
usually domains with good traffic or misspelling are used as parked domains, hope it will work for you
Well since they're torrent related, not sure if parking them would work out too well. Thanks though.

I had an online watch movies website for few years, after while I stopped the website because of legal issues in my country. The domain expired. After a while, somebody purchased it, and since then till now (3 years) the company or person is using this domain as parked domain, and this is about $15 renew domain not $10 like com. The website was having around 30k unique views per day, so you maybe it is somehow profitable.

Give it a try if you have a chance.
Its better if there is a keyword in domain name to put related topic content in that domain.
It is very well ranked in google. For example if you have a gaming website like
Put gta 4 gaming related content on it. It will automatically start getting traffic if you put gta 4 game related articles once they get indexed
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