ideas for making money

  1. Proxyir

    Any anime lovers here? Any money making ideas?

    I love manga and anime since I was a child. I always wanted to create my own anime or to be involved in the anime/manga niche. Are there any ways to make money in this industry and is there anyone that does it at the moment?
  2. d1aco

    budget ideas for newbies

    hey guys. this is probably the first time I'm ever posting here and I come to you with a question that is probably pretty stupid. I live in a 3rd world country where I got 2 jobs as an 18 yr old for $1k monthly at home. Now the thing is these are remote jobs but they are full time and they fill...
  3. Elvlin

    You have $10k to start it company, how will you do it?

    as title said, for me i will hire 3rd country worker, to resell their service. than as it start earning expand it.
  4. J

    How to achieve it?

    I have been a follower of this forum for about a year and a half, although I never commented or posted anything. But today, from the bottom of my heart, I need your help. Quickly telling you my story, I met a person some time ago. We have seen each other a few times because she lives somewhere...
  5. A

    Money making mobile/web app ideas

    I am a programmer. I can develop mobile or web apps. Are there any good money making mobile or web app ideas ? I have already tried creating small apps. But they did not give me at least 5USD per month. I am from Sri Lanka and our country is in crisis these days. I'm not trying to become rich...
  6. duarte3003

    18 YEARS old Brazillian with 280$ p/ month

    hey, I want the opinion of you who live in other countries for a decision of what to do. here in Brazil we usually say that the foreign market, mainly the USA, is 5 years ahead, that is, what was happening there 5 years ago, here is happening now. at the moment here in brazil everyone started to...
  7. onestro

    Investment Opportunity Ideas For a Couple

    Hello folks, I am here today to request ideas for investment. I and my girl is out of money in the pocket, so we think we should go for any kind of passive income or anything like that. As we don't have that planty of funds to put on it, the amount is about 400-500$. We are looking for cross-bid...
  8. andykym

    Coming Up With New App Ideas to Make Money

    I have seen many App development journeys here . I am also interested in App Business.Does any of you guys know how to find profitable app ideas .Thanks.:)
  9. A

    Making Money With Researching About Anything Ways !!?

    Hello, I Spend two years now in a local company making research about any topic they want it And I Always Find The Best Result So Now I Thinking About Quitting My Job And Use My Skills As A Freelancer Or In Any Place In The Internet So Can You Give Me Some Ideas Guys Thank You
  10. craftercool

    Can someone teach me how to make $100 / week on passive income?

    No, I'm not joking, I'm a multi-disciplined freelancer, I'm pretty sure there's something I can do for you in return, I'm specially skilled in graphic design, audio & video editing, social media, music, and technology. I have been trading forex for 6 years now but unfortunately still haven't...
  11. kopamkt

    I want to start dropshipping and I am totally broke

    Hi guys, does anyone have any ideas to help me get started with dropshipping? No money, maybe some tips on organic traffic, give me ideas
  12. davidmiller28

    Long Term Income

    What the best way to get long term income with short time? 1.Doing affiliate marketing From my sight of view it need high budget and high risk. (of course high income) 2. Learn Unique skill and do freelancing Past years i was doing wordpress and it has high demand on it. Come to the 2021 it...
  13. A

    If you could buy unlimited .com, .net, .org domain names for free, what would you do?

    Hi, I'm a newb here. I wanted to know how you guys will capitalize on the fact that you can buy any domain name for 100% free & unlimited number of times. And by "any domain name", I mean domain names that have either expired or not have been registered yet (not the domains that are sold on...
  14. M

    Bot auto posting on related submissions for advertising and link building ?

    Hi i had an idea, probably "black hat" I could create a service that would post a response with some content (and link etc ) each time someone created a submission (on reddit for starters) Basically let's say you would like to advertise your blog or book about fitness you could come to my...
  15. Mouadmo

    How Are You Planning To Make Money In 2021?

    Simple question, I hope you all can share some ideas, thoughts or projects you're working on (unless you have some reason not to). I'll start. Two months ago, I started an entertainment/quizzes site, so far it's going well. I am considering starting a new project in 2021, something related to...
  16. sparkh

    Where to invest 2000-3000€

    Hi BHW! Just saved some money (almost 3000€ soon) and I would like help to decide.I want to find a way to invest it before I spend it on a new gaming computer :oops: In my mind there's: 1) Buy some big Instagram page with 100k - 200k with a brandable name / topic. And make an e-commerce with...
  17. excaflowne

    Give me idea sites to scrape to make tons of money guys.. have confident in tools

    As titled, I'm confident to scrape and automate any webpages (well, probably to almost 90%), including user automation (have tried with auto-apply linked in, auto seach profile and, send invitation message, marketplaces scraping, and blogspot autopost) with my custom technique to avoid bot...
  18. Zii

    HELLO|Newbie Here

    Hello everyone! I'm Frank from the Philippines a college student looking for any ideas about how to make money online. Does any of you teach me where to start and how? thanks in advance !!
  19. A

    How would YOU make money with these????

    I was just going through my GoDaddy account and found a couple domains that I was thinking about trying to monetize. Can't come up with anything that makes me wanna jump though. I was hoping the kind folks here would fill this thread with some ideas for me. Let me explain the domains...... Both...
  20. W

    From 12000 to 100000$ By The End Of 2019 - Wish Me Best Of Luck.

    This days, I am very active in Forex and from the last 4-5 years, I was learning Forex and in that period, I learned so many things, and at that time I had a high loss as well as high profit, but i was not convinced, because there was something missing in my strategy, but at the same time I keep...
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