ideas for making money

  1. Mouadmo

    How Are You Planning To Make Money In 2021?

    Simple question, I hope you all can share some ideas, thoughts or projects you're working on (unless you have some reason not to). I'll start. Two months ago, I started an entertainment/quizzes site, so far it's going well. I am considering starting a new project in 2021, something related to...
  2. sparkh

    Where to invest 2000-3000€

    Hi BHW! Just saved some money (almost 3000€ soon) and I would like help to decide.I want to find a way to invest it before I spend it on a new gaming computer :oops: In my mind there's: 1) Buy some big Instagram page with 100k - 200k with a brandable name / topic. And make an e-commerce with...
  3. excaflowne

    Give me idea sites to scrape to make tons of money guys.. have confident in tools

    As titled, I'm confident to scrape and automate any webpages (well, probably to almost 90%), including user automation (have tried with auto-apply linked in, auto seach profile and, send invitation message, marketplaces scraping, and blogspot autopost) with my custom technique to avoid bot...
  4. Zii

    HELLO|Newbie Here

    Hello everyone! I'm Frank from the Philippines a college student looking for any ideas about how to make money online. Does any of you teach me where to start and how? thanks in advance !!
  5. A

    How would YOU make money with these????

    I was just going through my GoDaddy account and found a couple domains that I was thinking about trying to monetize. Can't come up with anything that makes me wanna jump though. I was hoping the kind folks here would fill this thread with some ideas for me. Let me explain the domains...... Both...
  6. W

    From 12000 to 100000$ By The End Of 2019 - Wish Me Best Of Luck.

    This days, I am very active in Forex and from the last 4-5 years, I was learning Forex and in that period, I learned so many things, and at that time I had a high loss as well as high profit, but i was not convinced, because there was something missing in my strategy, but at the same time I keep...
  7. Kurium

    My story of how I earned money since I was 10 yrs old

    Before I start... I really don't know if that's a good title for what I'm going to write but it pretty much resumes it. Before I begin to talk about it, I want to apologize for my bad English, it's not my native language so I'm going to give my best here. Also, this is going to be my first...