Aug 13, 2021
Hello folks,
I am here today to request ideas for investment.
I and my girl is out of money in the pocket, so we think we should go for any kind of passive income or anything like that. As we don't have that planty of funds to put on it, the amount is about 400-500$.
We are looking for cross-bid also, so we can put half of the whole budget in 2 platforms. We please you to provide short guidance, if possible. Our main goal is to increase the investment and re-invest so we can double the income. Let's have the ROI methods for example.
Preferred short-term for a lower budget, so once we get the higher income we can bid for long-term investment.
Please take 5 minutes to place your ideas/strategies to reach our goal. We are open.
Thanks in advance!
I and my girl is out of money in the pocket, so we think we should go for any kind of passive income or anything like that.

I guess you are saying you guys don't have much money with you. If that is the case, build up an emergency fund before doing anything else with your money.
I guess you are saying you guys don't have much money with you. If that is the case, build up an emergency fund before doing anything else with your moo
No, we don't need an emergency :D we are in doubt where to invest some funds in order to increase the budget, so we can re-invest it.
Make cringe couple videos on tiktok. They work, I'm not even kidding. Get ideas from other accounts or youtube. There are a ton of compilations on youtube, you'll get a lot of ideas.
From what you've explained, it is clear that you are looking for investing and earning passively (without actively working). Well, in internet marketing that is not possible in a short term time frame. It is possible after months or years of actively doing internet marketing, only then you can scale things towards passively earning with lesser active work.
In a short term time frame, to earn from internet marketing a lot of active work is needed.
Also, what you explained clearly appears that you are looking for some platform that offers something like "invest US$100 only and get US$300 just after 30 days" ... All those are scam pyramid schemes where people lose money invested.
So, whatever you do, just beware of getting scammed.
Learning, implementing CPA affiliate marketing is not all that difficult and does not require a huge investment to start with, can generate you good income right from the start, but it is absolutely not passive in nature, needs a lot to active work.
Infact, since it is 2 of you, the active work and income could be quite good of both of you are ready to work hard.
Create a tiktok or youtube channel promoting your local area .... nothing too professional, just normal stuff like "If you're ever in X city.... this is the best pizza shop... " show the pizza, show a quick video of the owner of the business. Just show case the best your city has to offer, it won't be long before you become a local celebrity, and people will come knocking on your door for advertising.

Keep doing that daily.... maybe spend a little bit of money to get targeted views and help you grow quicker.

Soon you'll have a following and you can ask local businesses to be reviewed by you.

You can always try real estate in most country you don't to invest that much to be a relator
real estate with 500$???? are you serious??? He said he have 500$ and want passive income....... Hmmmm..... I dont think this is a good idea and I dont see anyone get passive income with 500$ is just to little money to make something passive. Now if you gamble with 500$ on crypto or another untrusted platform you may get some money but I think is more likely to loss them.
400-500$ is little money, so "spend" wisely.
You look like got more chance of losing it if you don't know what you are doing.
Read some method(s) here with requires no money or little money.
Use the search button on the top right.
This money will not be, however, an investment but a "spend".
You can't get rich from 500$, a small exception being crypto.

Most investments would provide a yearly return of 3% if we're talking about stock dividends up to say 12% from P2P lending companies. Practically that means you'll make 60$ IN A YEAR with your 500$, assuming things go well, no deposit withdraw fees, etc etc.

500$ is enough to start a website , whatever you think you can make money off (content , dropshipping, etc).

You should only treat your 500$ as side income stream only (again you'll make like 5$ / month at best) , work in whatever work you are in and try to save more into your investment plans. You need money to make money.
You could try to do something together, maybe open a social media or YouTube profile where you would present something as a couple, or you will try to provide some educational services if you both share some mutual skills. This could work if you have a good idea and if you invest in promotion and ads. On the other hand, if you are more open to other business ideas, then you could also think about affiliate marketing maybe, and to start investing in the site where you would place different offers from affiliate networks. In case you choose this approach, just make sure to do the research first and find some relevant niches.
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