1. O

    Adult Content Enquiries

    Hi BHW, What's the legal issues you can run into for re-using professional & amateur adult content on streaming sites and your own site? What if you transform the media, make them into compilations etc? Hope to hear back - thankyou.
  2. cve47

    Will police bang my door at some point?

    Hello, I'm currently operating in a niche that might involve DMCA violations (Turbo Heavy DMCA XD) and I'm ranking well on Google SERPs. However, I'm concerned about potential legal issues and the police possibly tracking me. How can I secure my site and hide all possible information...
  3. G

    Best ways to monetize a movie streaming site

    Hello everyone, I have a WordPress movie site that is ready and working, and now I've reached the part where I need to think about how to monetize it... Since I want the cleanest user experience possible, without intrusive ads, I thought about offering a cheap premium subscription, with movies...
  4. D

    Pointing NS to Cloudflare from Namesilo

    I have a question regarding DMCA. Since namesilo would forward the complaint to my offshore hosting provider, does pointing the nameserver to cloudflare defeat the purpose? I want to use it to block my site ip and also thinking to use the CF Stream to serve adult content. So would they forward...
  5. M

    How legally unsafe is it to sell memberships for a porn website?

    I plan to sell memberships to users of my porn website to get rid of ads, among other perks, but I came across this comment: From this thread. How accurate this comment is? (I guess using paypal is a bad idea to begin with since there are payment processors better suited for this industry but...
  6. anas101siddiqui

    Does DMCA Really Work?

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) aims to protect online content and intellectual property rights, but its effectiveness is widely debated. Does the DMCA truly safeguard content creators, or are there significant loopholes and challenges in its enforcement? Share your experiences and...
  7. D

    Getting a web hosting in my own country to avoid potential DMCA

    Hi, i read that some member mentioned that getting a local hosting provider might be beneficial to avoid DMCA. Although my plan is to stream short adult content and nothing illegal like CP or anything, it's still copyrighted, so avoiding as much trouble as possible would be ideal. I'm from...
  8. K

    Google penalties question

    I read somewhere that if a site gets lots of DMCA reports it could get penalised by Google, for example Google could lower the search ranking of your website or even remove it from search results entirely and ban your domain. But my question is how do onlyfans leak sites still get around this...
  9. Snqke

    Google Search Update March 2024 - Solution ?

    Hello guys, I have multi porn websites [No ai content] that work well before the update example of traffic one of my websites : 350K views per day , and after the update we got a big drop in traffic like the screenshot show : now we got arround 2.5K click oer day ... I post everyday arround...
  10. B

    Need bulletproof Anti-red hosting

    Hello, I need a way to host a website without it going red or marked deceptive. I need a hosting provider that ignores abuse reports and DMCA stuff, as well as stop bots and crawlers from entering my site. Can anyone help me with this?
  11. Z

    Can you get DMCA for IPTV services ?

    Could I get my website taken down if I don't sell iptv directly on my website ? There would be no shop on website just info about the service, you'd have to fill out the contact form and then purchase the service directly from me. I got a facebook page taken down with just one report from media...
  12. M

    DMCA issue

    Hi, I've a problem since July/August with my website The site was hit by a lot of Fake DMCAs. Usually i was able to redirect the index page from to and the site ranked again. From July/August this do not longer worked. I needed to redirect the...
  13. L

    Urgent Help Needed: Massive DMCA Takedowns Threatening My 80k Page Content Creator Search Site

    Hello fellow members, I'm currently facing a significant challenge with my website, which serves as a search engine for content creators and comprises approximately 80,000 pages. Despite the vast size of my site, many pages had not been showing up in Google's search results. Recently, we've...
  14. M

    Dooplay movie streaming website

    Hi, I am trying to start a movie streaming website. I have a few questions, if you could help me, i would really appreciate that. 1) Am I safe if I host my website in DMCA ignored offshore hosting? I am currently choosing between zynoo, hostcay and qloudhost, which one do you recommend? 2)...
  15. AussieDollar

    Question about file uploads to UploadGig / Nitroflare - DMCA

    I noticed sites like uploadgig and nitroflare have affiliate programs that pay for users to download their files which you can upload. I've understood that you shouldn't sell softwares/courses/Ebooks/Plugins on your website directly for lawsuit and DMCA reasons. So how much different is it if...
  16. Snqke

    Payment Processor that Ignore DMCA ?

    Hello guys, i have website that share DMCA content and i'm planning to add some premium plan on my website and i'm searching for Payment Processor that don't share my informations is this list safe ? CCBill CoinPayments Epoch PayPal Robokassa SegPay Verotel Zombaio or...
  17. MegaTroni

    I got an email from [email protected] for Intellectual Property Crime!

    Should i worry????? Here is the full mail: To: The owners and/or operators of the website known as “mywebsite,com” The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit is hosted by the City of London Police and is a dedicated police unit set up to help prevent, deter and disrupt criminal activity...
  18. P

    Google sues people who “weaponized” DMCA to remove rivals’ search results

    Google yesterday sued a group of people accused of weaponizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to get competitors' websites removed from search results. Google filed the lawsuit against Nguyen Van Duc and Pham Van Thien, who are both said to live in Vietnam, and 20 defendants whose...
  19. Snqke

    Possible to trick DMCA Copyright with google ?

    Hello guys, i'm asking, can we trick google to do not receive DMCA Copyright or minimize it or block bots that claims copyright , something like that? is this possible ? Thanks
  20. xxxisthis

    Twitter X takedown because of impersonating

    Hello I need someone asap who can take down a twitter/x account which is using private pictures of one of my model. The content on the account is NSFW maybe this helps taking it down. The account has currently 1.700 followers.
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