1. J

    Google Started DMCA striking my website. How do I still get views.

    Hello, I have a website in the anime niche that sells certain products. Of course this is copyrighted. But suddenly DMCA complaints started poaring in for many ranking keywords. Also against competitors that sell the same kind of products. If i get less traffic coming from Google. What's...
  2. Age of Browsing

    Offshore Porn Website Consultant Needed

    I will be publishing a new type of porn website with a unique niche. I do see a lot of advice about this, but need someone hands-on the manage the entire process, as I have many other activities to tend to. The ideal person has experience and depth (or knowledge of how to acquire): * The safest...
  3. K

    DMCA counter - freelancer needed

    Hi there, I recently received a false DMCA to a guest post. I want to clarify that I did not copy anything, it is my text. The article is not posted on my site. I need a freelancer who can help me get rid of the claim, so that I can have the article indexed again. I am waiting for your rates...
  4. M

    Searching for / Bizcn Reseller

    We are looking for and Bizcn resellers here. These should accept cryptocurrencies like XMR, BTC, ETH. Also, DMCA Ignored and ignore any requests.
  5. Snqke

    Domain registrar that ignore DMCA

    Hello guys, I'm looking for domain registrar that does not require to submit information (passport) and ignore DMCA, what do you suggest ? they said is good, do you recommend it ? or have another suggestions? Thanks
  6. C

    My Site got hit by Fake DMCA

    I have a site with 300k traffic per month. Some random person (Competitor) has sent a DMCA notice that a few pages of articles are paraphrased. Indeed it was not paraphrased, the website was related to programming and the code logic remains the same. I can fight a legal case with the person but...
  7. Snqke

    What do you think about this Black Hat Method?

    Hello great peoples, I have methode that i use against DMCA Copyright claims, the methode is : Recive Copyright claims on Google Search Console with Links, and i got all these links and i change them one by one (change only the link) example : i recived this link ""...
  8. anddontcare

    [Hiring] I need an expert to monetize manga sites

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone who is really have knowledgeable/expert in google adsense and other ad networks so I can monetize my site more efficiently (it would be something like a mentorship). I have a lot of visits (425.0K per month ) but what I earn is little compared to what I...
  9. N

    How can we check if a site/domain has dmca claim ?

    would like to know if a site/domain has DMCA claim issue(while its content is copyrighted), then we know if still worth it to build a similar website? Any tool that can help us to check if a website has DMCA claim already? Thank you. understand we can go with DMCA Ignored domain registrar and...
  10. B

    Wanted *urgent* help - how to DMCA for serving ads on copyright materials

    Hi Guys, How can I server DMCA Cease & Desist [Take-Down] Request to ad network. is a google Adx partner. and is one of the largest ad network. If anyone has direct contact would be a big help. Thanks
  11. CyberHour

    CYBERHOUR.COM ✅Premium WP Hosting you can TRUST!✅ Anonymous ✅Crypto Accepted✅ AMD EPYC CPUs ✅ ALL SSD✅ Best SLA on BHW!✅ Made in EU[BG] ...

  12. SashaPavelMisha

    DMCA delisting is very *destructive* to Google algorithm, makes it go crazy, hence easy to hack

    this is a huge post and it's purely informational, 2yr old hacks been patched by google If you don't know, "DMCA delisting" is different from "DNCA notice/takedown". While notice removes search results from SERPs, delisting actually removes ranking pages from Google, so the problem of results...
  13. CrazeWiz

    Looking for advice with DMCA complaints and threats of legal action for embedded videos from Mindgeek (Pornhub) including VERY personal email

    So I recently bought an expired adult domain because it had good metrics and tons of relevant backlinks (from 'The Porndude' type sites) Ahrefs UR38/DR35 - SEMRush Authority score of 44, it was niche based rather than 'general porn', I already promote dating/NSFW stuff, and it was only $10, and...
  14. reddflix

    Even a tag can get DMCA take down

    Are this serious, even a tag can get dmca take down?, I got bombard with dmca, any one else have the same problems?
  15. J

    Google is dumb

    Here is what happened, My Homepage for example > got deindexed, along with Contact Page due to DMCA, now the Homepage had nothing on it, only a button and Contact Page had only a form for contact, My niche is streaming series (not in english, in a different language) Yet Google...
  16. bb4rina

    Websites using copyrighted images

    Hi, I saw some websites like, using Amazon's and Walmart's... Images without worrying about Copyright Infringment and DMCA. How they're legally using them?
  17. pantballgod1991

    Need HELP! Someone is duplicating my site and I need to stop them

    Hello everyone, I have a site that's on Shopify and someone is copying the site exactly to 2 different domains. I have filed an FBI report, we have a DMCA protected image on the top of the site, I reported the site to Google via " suspicious site finder". I'm to the point where I want to DDoS a...
  18. zzpaeri

    Taking down amazon's collection via negative seo / dmca ?

    Hey everyone, The plan is simple, my ecom site is top 2 on several big transactionnal keywords (from 12K to 33K monthly searches) and I struggle to beat amazon for these collections. So my question is, is there any way to impact amazon's collection ranking and get first position ? Also...
  19. Snqke

    Can i Go with This Black Hat Method For Google Ranking ?

    Hello guys, I have some websites that get to many DMCA Copyrights and get deleted my links! If i change the url of the deleted links to the new one for example "" to "" is the link get reindexed in google ? its okay to use it ? :D Thanks
  20. Minura

    DMCA Copyright Offshored Hosting Suspended

    I have maintain a website about Mobile MOD APPs . There is a copyright received from DMCA Related Private Company. Because of that my offshored hosting was suspended. I have Backup on my website also. Is it ok to start again the website from the backup? Please give me guide for restart my...