1. bb4rina

    Websites using copyrighted images

    Hi, I saw some websites like, using Amazon's and Walmart's... Images without worrying about Copyright Infringment and DMCA. How they're legally using them?
  2. pantballgod1991

    Need HELP! Someone is duplicating my site and I need to stop them

    Hello everyone, I have a site that's on Shopify and someone is copying the site exactly to 2 different domains. I have filed an FBI report, we have a DMCA protected image on the top of the site, I reported the site to Google via " suspicious site finder". I'm to the point where I want to DDoS a...
  3. zzpaeri

    Taking down amazon's collection via negative seo / dmca ?

    Hey everyone, The plan is simple, my ecom site is top 2 on several big transactionnal keywords (from 12K to 33K monthly searches) and I struggle to beat amazon for these collections. So my question is, is there any way to impact amazon's collection ranking and get first position ? Also...
  4. Snqke

    Can i Go with This Black Hat Method For Google Ranking ?

    Hello guys, I have some websites that get to many DMCA Copyrights and get deleted my links! If i change the url of the deleted links to the new one for example "" to "" is the link get reindexed in google ? its okay to use it ? :D Thanks
  5. Minura

    DMCA Copyright Offshored Hosting Suspended

    I have maintain a website about Mobile MOD APPs . There is a copyright received from DMCA Related Private Company. Because of that my offshored hosting was suspended. I have Backup on my website also. Is it ok to start again the website from the backup? Please give me guide for restart my...
  6. Snqke

    How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?

    Hello guys, I need you're help or experience to "How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?" as the title show any body have any idea or tools may help or make the url get deleted after a long time.. Thanks ♥
  7. abdelhake

    [Help please] my site has been removed from Google [ DMCA]

    Hello guys, I have a site where I sell the IPTV , the last three days it went down to zero impression , when I searched for the problem, I found that it was permanently deleted from Google And when I Search it on google this is what it looks like Please I'm very confused now, and I don't...
  8. Snqke

    DMCA Takedown

    Hello guys, I own 7 adult websites and i had 2weeks ago more than 700k/daily visits (70% from oragnic traffic), and now google send me to mush DMCA Notice and delete my links (like every day i get +100msg) and the visits are get down to 400k/daily visits Anyone can help me in this case? what...
  9. Bloodseeker

    Cloudflare and DMCA

    I see a lot of sites distributing copied adult content through websites with Cloudflare enabled. If you check which hosting they are using then you’ll see Cloudflare. This makes sense, since the original host is hidden, copyright holder won’t be able to make a DMCA takedown request and get your...
  10. L

    Starting my porn website

    Hey guys im from argentina , look , im starting with a porn niche business , i bought some 4 tb external hard drives , and i cant found any ignore dmca streaming site , i found sites like mixhost , streamtape , evoupload , but they are all friends of the police , i also saw some offshores...
  11. A

    Google delete all search results from specific countries

    hey guys i m runing a streaming website the problem is that google delete all my links from search results from google france and belgium I tried too many domains and subdomains redirection but still google delete them automatically from I search for that and I noticed that I received...
  12. M

    Using Peronal Information with hosting services

    Is it dumb to use real details with your hosting provider in case of DMCA notice? Or would it cause more problems later on if you used fake details and need to transfer your hosting, then they would require proof of identity?
  13. s11

    May I get into trouble with adult tube with embedded videos?

    I want to register domain for porn tube on my real name, with enabled private whois info. May I have a problems, if I will delete copyrighted content on every DMCA request? All videos will be embedded from pornhub. The reason for using my real name - I don't want to lose the domain if Namecheap...
  14. Sheelpaul

    Why some HUGE sites don't receive court orders? DMCA, OFFSHORE HOSTING, COPYRIGHT CONTENT, COURT ORDERS.

    Hello guys, My friend had a ebook website in past, It was not a very famous one but it was running successfully from last 2 years. Then one day he received an email from godaddy that his domain is locked due to court order in united states. His heart broke cause his domain was inaccessible...
  15. mostfurious

    Need a recommendation/suggestion on domain for DMCA

    Hello, Happy new year to everyone! Need a little help, suggestion. Working with the content some of which may be DMCA protected and some of it may have the link to my website. The content will be posted on other websites trough vps+vpn so no linkage to me there. My website will be hosted on a...
  16. V

    DMCA Hosting and Adult theme

    I need good recommendation on good dmca hosting(excluding hostwinds and flaunt7) and free wordpress theme Please
  17. TrashGirl

    [Giveaway] Upgrade Account DMCA Pro for Lifetime

    Pro feature: 1. Text Monitoring 2. Image Monitoring 3. 100+ Premium Badges 4. DIY DMCA Takedowns 5. PDF Export Takedowns 6. DMCA Takedown Templates 7. Real Time Image Watermarking 8. Custom Branded Watermark 9. Account Verification 10. Delete and Reprocess Pages 11. Verified Account Status 12...
  18. CyberCommander

    What is the best CDN where DMCA ignores?

    What is the best CDN where DMCA ignores?
  19. Destt

    Offshore server + DMCA, copyright - Anyone experienced?

    Hey, I just wanna ask if it's alright for a person to buy an offshore server A via crypto etc., download photos/videos onto the server, and then (from another website/server B) embed the content. Basically, the server A that stores the "stolen" photos/videos could have problems but has an owner...
  20. C

    Guy how to avoid google policy violation on copyrights for pirated content website?

    can any body guide me how to some of the pirated content websites still running with google adsence. How they are avoiding copyrights policy violation restrictions.