1. M

    If you verify your youtube account, will that allow YT to connect your accout to a deleted one, thus suspending it?

    Hi there. I found this forum after googling info about YT account verification and people seemed to know about this subject. I had a youtube account terminated a few days ago (copyright strikes) and I'm trying to get myself up and running on youtube again. I was stupid about posted copyrighted...
  2. M

    I've given a backlink, now I regret it. How can I delete it?

    Hi all, so a few years ago I was still young and naive, and I accepted all guest blogging requests. I thought "why not, he seems like a nice chap and I'll get free content!" Well actually, some of these bloggers that I thought were newbies were in fact very experienced SEOs and were using all...
  3. sohom

    [HELP!] 21 Posts from my BHW Topic get deleted!! Is there anyone else facing the same issue?

    Hello BHW fellows Yesterday, when I posted a reply in my BHW thread: from Member Downloads section. That topic has total 80 posts. And my last reply was on...
  4. javadth

    how long it need to a expired domain be 301 redirected

    hi i want to change my domain to a new fresh domain my old domain has powerful links and i want to 301 redirect it to new domain my question is should i keep old domain for ever ? or 1 year is enough to transfer power of old domain to this new one
  5. V

    Your Post Has Been Deleted instagram fix methods, please

    Your Post Has Been Deleted instagram fix methods, please help me. Fu*k Instagram algorithms :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  6. P

    Where did this thread go?

    I had a couple of tabs open on my PC, saw this list of threads, one of which was this, Was really interested in reading through this, but somehow this got deleted...
  7. Uzii

    Error When Submitting Account Appeal: Couldn't be processed

    Hey all, Sadly, this morning one of my accounts got deleted. I went through the appeal form and everything but got hit with the error: Your request couldn't be processed. I've tried logging into other accounts on the same device and I've since gotten the error: sorry there was a problem with...
  8. YaBoiMo

    The Facebook Purge got to me

    After hearing that so many pages getting deleted i stayed lowkey for 2 weeks. My page last post was on the June 2 . And today i get a email from Facebook saying my page was deleted. Nothing Blackhat on this account, just wholesome memes. gets to show that it dosn't matter how much you post, if...
  9. dboyduck

    Lessons not to delete your site.

    Yesterday I was setting up a subdomain. As I was playing around in the file manager of my domain folders. I decided to delete the WordPress folder from the subdomain that I just installed 5 mins before.. anyways. I select the subdomain folder, select all, delete, click no trash.... paw...
  10. T


    Guys, I'm creating this post to ask if anyone here knows any method for my youtube channel not get disabled by google, because i got my 3 channels wich i use for CPA permanently DELETED. Please help me
  11. arberzylfiu

    Opened an Instagram account yesterday, got deleted after 1st post

    I opened an Instagram account yesterday and today I posted my first post. Not seconds after, it required me to do a phone verification. I verified it, seconds later it got deleted. What happened? What did I do wrong? The account was about gaming memes and I posted a photo with the description...
  12. Q

    Help! Disabled Instagram

    Hey! I have been working very hard the past four years building my instagram page and have now reached over 1 million followers. In the past when I've been disabled, they have sent me a verification email asking to take a pic holding a code, and usually after I send in the verification, my page...
  13. T

    How to recover deleted fanpage by Facebook?

    Hello, I had fanpage 400k likes (real likes) where I posted funny/ amazing videos without copyright and got banned by facebook after 4 years. Do you know how I can recover it? I could pay for working solution. Regards
  14. R

    Rebuild Instagram After Being Hacked and Deleted

    I owned a page with just under 1,000,000 followers that was recently hacked and deleted. I was making $xxxx per week with it and it's a huge setback to have it gone. I've been emailing Instagram but they take forever to respond and I'm impatient so I want to start rebuilding this account ASAP...
  15. SeveredHead

    How do you recover a banned Facebook page?

    I have a Facebook page with 300,000 likes that I was planning on using for my blog. In the meantime I was sharing some MyLikes links. All was fine until I shared a post that was a little sexual. I received a message asking me to remove such posts and I did. A few hours later I'm back online and...
  16. F

    Blogger Blog Deleted Help [Urgent]

    My blogger blog has been deleted and I haven't updated it in over 5 months, I've just been posting it on different sites and dragging traffic to my older posts. I just received an email saying my blog has been deleted due to spam. I've had this problem in the past where my blogs have been...
  17. F

    Who has the rights to delete someones post on a thread?

    Hi, Not sure if someone has seen this before but i would like to know who has the rights to delete a post on a thread. for example if i created the thread can i delete posts that other people leave on my thread? The reason i am asking is because i left a post on a thread where someone is...
  18. K

    Huge problem to keep videos alive

    Hi. From 2 days, I'm having huge problem to keep my videos alive. I'm recording each video per upload, using private proxies and DV PVA Accounts, and even unlisted videos are getting deleted with this message: This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service...
  19. M

    best place to get deleted domains with high traffic?

    Hey guys, is there a nice place to watch out deleted domains, with big traffic income? best regards
  20. S

    Domain BANNED/DELETED. Course of action!?!

    I have several websites in hacking niches, hosted by a popular hosting company. Now regarding my website that gave me the greatest income, I got the e-mail "... come to our attention that your website is promoting or encouraging hacking accounts. ..... we request that you remove the content...
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