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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Fotofruit, Apr 21, 2016.

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    My blogger blog has been deleted and I haven't updated it in over 5 months, I've just been posting it on different sites and dragging traffic to my older posts. I just received an email saying my blog has been deleted due to spam. I've had this problem in the past where my blogs have been deleted and then reinstated again. Has anyone had a problem like this with Blogger before? If you've ever had a blog deleted or can relate, please help. Whenever I try making a new blog with the same content, it is deleted again but to me that doesn't make sense because I've used this content for over 5 months with no issues.
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    I've had over 20 bloggers deleted only to be reinstated later.

    If the content is unique you shouldn't have any problems.
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    this has happened to me, sometimes they were reinstated because it was bloggers itchy deleting trigger finger that had mad a mistake but when it wasn't reinstated, sometimes because of what I was doing with the Blog, I tried to import the backup file of the deleted blog onto the new blog and it was deleted soon after so i guess it's safe to say there are filters in place to detect imported duplicates of deleted blogs, as far as manually putting the same content i do remember manually putting the same Content and it holding awhile but as soon as I duplicated the blog description info. which was pretty long, it was shortly thereafter deleted. so may be some detectors there as well.
    Now, when I do duplicates i set them to private for a few weeks then activate them.
    Most times they hold just fine. may just be a coincidence though.. I did something
    similar with Youtube accounts that had been deleted and I wanted to use same links in
    description. I would just use different custom Shortners and even though they led to
    the SAME site as the deleted accounts after letting the account marinate for a week or
    so unlisted it would hold with the same,but Custom shortened, links... TESTED building
    accounts using the SAME custom links that had been deleted with prior youtube
    account without re-customizing and it would be shortly deleted as well. But this was
    awhile ago don't know what's going on with it now.
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    The same problem i have 3 deleted blogs... try to dont comment in blogs as a spam. try to write something valuable.