1. W

    Any Advice for a New Blogger Blogger

    Hi everyone, I've created a blog site on Blogger with a great domain composed of strong keywords. Currently, I'm navigating without a specific strategy. I've been sharing posts on Pinterest, tagging each new content there. In the first five days, I've posted three times and had 210 views. Do...
  2. StarKrypt

    [Query] What's the best/simple long term blogging platform to earn through affiliate marketing?

    If I have $0. (Real) Should I use Free Web Hosting (poor support and experience and provides limited resources being free) Or the classical, Blogger? The blog can be lightweight simple and I'll be working for a long term unless I find another profitable method to earn. I'm not planning to use...
  3. techbeastzz

    Read this if you make money From blogging

    So here's what I am going to do, i am have some blogger websites and the posts are get indexed tooo easy, so i am going to create lots of blog posts with focusing on only 10 low competition same keywords. So it will get successful or not tell me, means some of them get on 1 St Google rank or...
  4. Norman_drey

    Between a Blogger and a forex/crypto trader who makes the most money?

    I have had enough of this forex shit floating my screen anytime I visit YouTube, especially from this very asian girl :) My question is this,? Between forex/crypto traders and blogger who makes the most money under an interval of 2yrs. Are these traders living a fake life on social?. Are...
  5. zfc

    WM AI Article Bot | 5 article $0 | Image - Youtube Video - In-site Linking - | Wordpress and Blogger Integrated

    What Are We Doing? Web Master AI enables you to produce long and usable ai content using Chatgpt infrastructure. In general, it is a web-based content production and management platform. It has the ability to publish individual or collective articles that you print on your Wordpress and...
  6. A

    Are keywords in other languages are easy to rank?

    I was just wondering if blogging in some other language besides English is easy to rank? And what if i just have to target one specific country ?
  7. Ankitpal888

    Which is the best Niche for Adsense?

    I have a general website. Which are the best popular niches with high CPC for AdSense, Outbrain, Taboola, etc. What do you think about higher-paying niches to maximize CPC?
  8. CB20C3

    Should Everyone Try Their Hand at Blogging?

    I gotta admit, my reading and writing skills ain't top-notch, but when it comes to technical knowledge, I reckon I'm right around average. Now, here's my dilemma – should I keep on learnin' about SEO? And if so, how can a person like me, who ain't much of a writer, get started with blogging? Any...
  9. designer style

    Do google Adsense give priority in approvement to blogger sites or no?

    Do google Adsense give priority in approvement to blogger sites or no?
  10. V

    Where to buy blogger traffic?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know the best way to buy influence/blogger traffic. Are there any sites or aggregators that publish bloggers or their blogs/channels. In general a service that makes it easy to buy this type of traffic. I would be grateful for recommendations.
  11. hims.000

    I am rejected by CJ Affiliate! Any other alternative affiliate for bloggers?

    Hi i have applied for CJ affiliate but they rejected my application. I am a blogger and i teach blogging ideas, so i need some affiliate network like CJ . I have no idea how can i found the best affiliate network for my blog.
  12. K

    Indexing issues Blogger

    How do i fix these indexing issues in blogger ( i used custom domain)
  13. Norman_drey

    Is there any way I can know the first post on a blog

    I wanna know the first post on someone blog, how do I go about it?
  14. jerseymason

    Blogspot with ChatGPT journey

    Hi Guys, so this is my first thread, with a low knowledge about hosting and etc so today decided to created a blogger an post some article by ChatGPT. #FirstDay - Making a blog with free premium template from net - Posting 10 article about making money, SEO, IT, and coding Sorry for the bad...

    Best ad network for my health site

    Hi. I have health/ food related blog that gain 100+ us visits daily Currently monetized with adsense but they pay Shi$ only $ .2- 0.3 Is there good ad network other than ezoic that can earn atleast $1 per day? Thanks
  16. M

    Is Blogger with custom domain good from SEO perspective?

    I understand blogger doesn't have as many options and flexibility that you get with WP, and there is also a risk of google removing your blog. But apart from that and being a part of Google, does blogger have any advantage from SEO point of view? Or makes new difference? Or they don't rank well?
  17. Norman_drey

    2022 is blogging still profitable?

    With what's happening now, everyone wanna start a blog, everyone wanna own a website, even myself I've quit blogging but wanna restart a blogging career, I wanna ask, is blogging still profitable or a waste of Time? Should I just find something else to do?
  18. Norman_drey

    Blogging vs CPA marketing

    I've seen some guys making up to $200 daily on CPA marketing but barely see blogger make such what's the way forward?
  19. aybnjm

    bulk export blog posts ????

    Hello first post thread btw . I just wanted to know if I can export all blog posts from a random blog (that it's not mine) and import them to my own blog and how If it's possible. thanks in advance .
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