1. ShehuAB

    A First! Indian Hit converts to $1.4 on Lospollos

  2. arnie123

    How to get through your own ads without being detected by google?

    I would like to get 100 conversions actions in my google ads account. I need to get them within 7 days period. The obvious and traditional way would be setting a big budget and just let Google show my ad to lots of people and a small percentage will converts. Unfortunately I don't have that...
  3. Market Beast

    ✏️ Be The REX Of Your Niche With CONTENT DINO! ✅ USA Authority Content Writing & Copywriting That Converts ✏️

  4. sharyqkhan

    100% High Quality Google Ads Accounts with 600$ Balance! Ready To Run Your Campaigns! Free Support and Replacement Included!

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me anytime. I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible!
  5. Anon_30

    Need some advices about SnapChat

    Hey everyone. I think SnapChat is a gold mine, as I already said. I have a growing account. I started four days ago, and today, I have like 50 add per day. I use smartlink, and it's not e-whoring. My smartlink offer redirect to an adult website, and people have to create an account and confirm...
  6. D

    Hello..New to the site.. Looking for an all rounder Senior Internet Marketer

    When I googled how to drive traffic to a store I stumbled upon a post on BHW. A lot of people had responded and most common answers included Facebook ads Blog Content + Email Marketing Facebook posting in groups Google ads Instagram ads Instagram shoutouts Instagram botting Seo Affiliates...
  7. Steven McStevenson

    Ask me anything about Shopify Dropshipping (Store Development)

    Hello members, I've been working with Shopify for last 4 years and I actually never keep track of how many stores I made, but I'm pretty sure it's around 70 different stores over that time period. I guess I could say I covered almost every niche I can think of right now so nothing is strange...
  8. jeffro89

    Anyone use ADVERTIZER.COM

    Interested in hearing from people who have ran traffic or are currently running traffic. WHATS THE CATCH? I upload an offer + Landing page and only pay for conversions??? That cant just be it, how much would i pay for a conversion? Guaranteed conversions is a myth, PROVE ME WRONG.
  9. MehdiBmm

    Any idea how to get traffic that buys for affiliate?

    So I have this coupon website that is a little bit ranking in Google (gets like 9-20 visitors per day) but they don't really buy everytime, it's been a few days that I didn't get commissions while clicks increased. And I wanted to know if there's another way that makes me independent on Google...
  10. The Tanker

    Why conversions get decreased after few days of having a successful campaign?

    Hello Facebookerzzzzzzz One of the most common issue which you may see with Facebook Ads is that after few days/weeks of running a BH/WH ad campaign, the conversions start to be decreasing... My answer is: Facebook starts to optimize ads to drive you as much as possible of conversions and...
  11. Sheepp

    [GUIDE] Why you SHOULD use heatmaps to EARN MORE MONEY

    Hi there, as I've learned so much around here I wanted to put some time aside to share a thing or two I know once in a while so here it is. here's a quick guide for a thing that many of you may not know because it is not heavily spoken about here on BHW, although I personally find it very...
  12. Ernestismyname

    Amazon Affiliate Conversions

    I get a decent amount of clicks but zero conversion. Can anyone give me some ways to increases the conversion rate? How many clicks until you get conversions?
  13. imustbebored

    Official List of 100+ Resources on Shopify and Dropshipping (more in comments)

    With over 500K merchant stores now using the ecommerce platform, Shopify, to power their stores, it's no secret that Shopify is the go to solution in the industry..but many entrepreneurs/dropshippers do use alternative platforms. That being said, I wanted to create a one stop resource for BHW...
  14. TheSingh

    Instagram and Twitter Influencer/Promotion

    Hello, I'm looking for an Instagram or twitter influencer/promotor for a Gambling website. The website has 50k registered users and 90% are active, but i want this number to grow. The product are 'gift cards' that allow the users to gamble based on a game system (opening cases, spinning wheels...
  15. autodream

    no conversions

    if a company ads pay per impersion and your account has no conversions at all is that aproblem ?
  16. philly3

    When to Remove Keywords

    So lets say I get $50 for every sale and my CPC is ~$0.50 for every keyword At what point do you start removing keywords from campaigns? When you get 1000 clicks and 0 conversions? 500 clicks and 0 conversions? 200 clicks and 0 conversions? Any formula you all use?
  17. R

    Increasing Conversion Ratio on OGAds

    Hello! I have recently been working with around 12 instagram accounts to test the waters in a few niches I am interested in putting large amounts of accounts into. All of them have decent engagment, and have been getting a good amount of clicks every day. However my conversion ratio sits...
  18. D

    Is FB penalizing for poor ad performance?

    I haven't run FB ads in a few years but wanted to get the board's advice. We started running some ads for app installs and had FB optimize for conversions. We were getting a pretty good CTR from the ads to the app store (3-9%) but were converting poorly on installs. We modified the app store...
  19. S

    Facebook traffic into conversions

    Hello, I have recently started getting traffic from facebook ads and have been achieving under .30 for clicks to website...Is there any advice i can get for achieving under .15? Also, the traffic isn't converting...i have google analytics and fb pixel installed on the landing pages however im...
  20. C

    How to Determine Max CPC for New Keywords with No Conversion History

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a new adwords campaign. I understand that to determine max CPC you must use a formula that involves your profit per conversion, desired return on ad spend, and your conversion rate for that particular keyword or ad group. However, what if you have no...
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