comment posting

  1. pulok

    Is it good idea to use mass comment posting for CPA 2018?

    hi,i am thinking of using scrapbox to get free traffic to my cpa offer and earn some money out of it.Is it a good idea?
  2. PandaBusters

    I need Scrapebox Guru to Post Form Mail Ads

    Hello, I have Scrapebox, but always get a very poor (almost zero) conversion rate for posting forms to form mail apps. I used wild cards for all 11 types of WordPress contact plugins (footprints), Trusted Private proxies, no spins needed, just name or first name with last name, subject, message...
  3. pulok

    200 clicks from free traffic

    Hey guys I have a plan to get free traffic for CPA offers from website comment posting.i am telling you my plan.I calculated that if I get a offer of 0.05 ppc and managed to get 200 clicks and I will get 10$(That's all I need).I thought of posting comment 1000 every day(1...
  4. incrediable

    High PR Blog Commenting Sites List

    Latest High PR Blog Commenting Sites List
  5. H2oBoy

    Finding 3rd Party Websites That Use The Facebook Comment Plugin on Their Sites?

    Does anyone know of ANY resource that would show/provide you with a list of all the web sites out there that use the Facebook Comment Plugin? I've got few Fan Pages that I would like to drive traffic to doing comment posts on 3rd party sites like Diply/BuzzFeed, seeing as you're also abel to...
  6. R

    100% Guaranteed Rank Increase with High PR Manually Post Do-follow Blog Commenting Service

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 07/16/2014 ---- Manually Do-follow Blog commenting strategy is marvelous results in getting site on google high ranks. One of the best way of securing High Page Rank (PR) backlinks strategies to get better ranking in the Search Engine and to get good quality traffic by quick...
  7. chrisking

    Writing 50 Relevant Good Comments, I supply 50 urls

    I am looking for someone who can write good and relevant to the article comments. Not comments like : hey great article you wrote! I will supply +/- 50 urls. You must read the article, and write an relevant comment for it. I will submit the comments myself. So I need a list of handwritten...
  8. Asgardian

    [GET] YouTube comment creator!

    I found this tool few days ago, it's not mine but I would like to share it with you. It creates youtube comments so you don't need to make custom comments something like this www . yoursite. com, or something similar, it generates exact text that you entered and people can easily copy that and...
  9. T

    Targeted / Niche Christian URLs

    Does anyone have a list of Christian URLs (forums, blogs, social pages, etc.) they can share? If so, please PM. If you offer commenting/backlink services, we can work with you. We'll also be sure to leave good feedback. TIA
  10. seodeveloper07

    PR3+ Do follow comment for 30 BHW members

    Hi Everyone, I got a lot from BHW. Today I want to provide some BHW members. I will provide 10 PR3+ do follow comment for 30 BHW members. Every comment will be do follow and approved. Every comment Posts will be done manually, no software use. You just send me your website URL and Keyword.
  11. J

    I can't Comments last two days where i was commet continue..

    I can't Comments last two days in some website where i was commet continue... Why this is Occuring. Give me a solution to comment any website.
  12. seodeveloper07

    Free 50 PR 2+ ******** comments posting providing for BHW members

    Hello, I got huge from this forum site now I am providing some for this forum member. I am providing Free 50 PR 2+ ******** comments posting for BHW members. Who will reply on this thread. Please PM me. You can contact with me by messenger ?itearn24? Please...
  13. A

    Comment Posting vs Profile links

    I am comparing comment posting and the profile links.I want to know what are better considering time they take to get index. Also is indexing a backling important?
  14. H

    I would like to share wrote the words for comment spam...

    Excuse me my friends... This is my first thread. I just want to share words of special comment spam for newbie I would like to share the words for comment spam... Because I also often difficult to comment if use the English language ... because if the word Senior SEO, try not to use words...
  15. rootkat

    To all the newbie Scrapebox user's ...

    For the love of everything which is holy and binary: stop spamming useless crap (and shitty comments) to blogs. Why? Because not only does it waste bandwidth, annoys people and is not helpful to you at all ... it's just plain dumb and ruins proxies & and experience for everyone. So let me...
  16. S

    Looking for someone to comment youtube videos

    I need some comments on other people's youtube videos. I'd prefer this be an automated service as to keep the price low. I will be providing a few comments and keywords and then have you do the comments. Please pm me to let me know what you charge per 1000 comments. Thanks.
  17. S

    How many comment backlinks perday...?

    Suggest me, how many comment Posting backlinks is best Perday, through "Auto Approve" Comment Posting... (to save site from google spam bot)...?
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