I need Scrapebox Guru to Post Form Mail Ads


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Jun 10, 2017
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I have Scrapebox, but always get a very poor (almost zero) conversion rate for posting forms to form mail apps. I used wild cards for all 11 types of WordPress contact plugins (footprints), Trusted Private proxies, no spins needed, just name or first name with last name, subject, message, and submit. The different niches (I have 10 websites) require proper extracting with proper keywords, merged, literals, footprints, and of course "inurl:contact" is important. For some reason, I could not get the forms to accept any of the posts, typically a 10 second delay and then "failed".

I can pay $20/hour for set-up (extract keywords, footprints, merge, choose literals, harvest related keywords, run-time separate and not paid, all work must be done with Team Viewer on one of my 5 PC's), and then the posting process, that can be done with 4 of my 5 PC's almost 24/7. I need at least 20 hours of work (it should take 2 hours for each website per campaign, one hour proper keyword/footprint extraction, merger, filtering, one hour, after I provide private proxies/death by captcha recaptcha breakers, to set up posting and begin what should average 20,000 extracted URL's, required on average 24 hours to process.

You will be given an affiliate tracking link with guaranteed commission, up to 50%, and if placed on your website(s), and initial campaign proves profitable, you will be paid to use same affiliate tracking URL's to promote what you do, and I do, only at $15 per hour for physical labor. 99-tiers for my affiliate tracking software is possible. I can give you free membership for affiliate tracking where you employ 99-tiers below you, with the affiliate tracking website that I do being second tier, you are first for separate campaigns on top of a 99-tier pyramid.

I can pay by the day, PayPal, Stripe, Western Union, CoinBase, etc., the first day should be 2 hours or $40 of work, so you get $20 before starting, $20 to finish what should be two hours of work, and so on, with learning curve ramping up for what will be more than 2 hours a day of work.

Thank you.
Jim W.