1. NobleGuyHere

    what the best approach to scrape public Facebook pages ?

    i mean, should i use proxy,undetedtable browser or there is a better way? if I use proxy what the cheapest and best proxy type for this bot ?
  2. tattooedbuddha

    [2023] A List of Tools For SEO & Content Writing [FREE & PAID]

    With all the great value other members provide, I felt I needed to contribute, which is why I've compiled a list of tools I find great value in. Hopefully, you'll get value out of them as well! And if you find that I've missed a tool that you find valuable, feel free to contribute and share...
  3. A

    Looking for a scraper that can scrape available numbers

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a scraper that will be able to scrape number that were used in the past but are not available to be purchased, I need them in a large scale and doing it manually would be too difficult, does anyone know of something like it or is able to build it?
  4. NobleGuyHere

    Help Me Build Winning Product Machine

    I'm researching a new tool that analyzing Facebook ad library and get winning product based on some data like (Engagement , TimeToEngagement ...) my expectation is so high if these done correctly BUT...... there is a problim and i cant get anywhere without fix it , when you scroll on Facebook...
  5. goodintentions

    Scraping my own list of followers

    Whats good fellas. I need to get a list of my followers on an excel sheet. I need to see who follows me and who does not. I used to do this easily with one of those third party apps on the play store. Yes, those Bangladesh ass apps i know they use your data, follow random people and like posts...
  6. illuminateme

    [FREE by DONATION] Webservice to Scrape IMAGES into URLs by your KEYWORDS

    [EDIT: SITE DOWN ALREADY :mad: WORKING ON RESTORING] Ever had to bulk add a list of images into your ecommerce or whatever database, and didn't time to manually pick out images on google? Well I had to, and there wasn't a tool for it, the best thing I found was a bunch of stack overflow...
  7. NobodySpecia1

    Scraping Insta Usernames based on number of Followers?

    As the title explains, is there a way to scrape Instagram usernames based on how many followers they have? For example, I want to find IG usernames with between 10k and 100k followers.
  8. A

    How Do I Scrape For Outdated Websites?

    Hello everyone, Can someone guide me how do I scrape for thousands of outdated wordpress websites? I can scrape yellowpages and google maps but how do I find if those websites are outdated or not? Is there a way of doing that?
  9. 4c1dburn

    Off site SEO and Email Scraping for $1k/Month

    Hey, Who I am: I own / run 7 websites (3 of my own, and 4 x client sites) with more on the way. I'm sick of paying for random gigs on Fiverr and getting mixed results for backlinks. I have used automation tools like SEO Autopilot, also with mixed results, but I simply don't have the time to do...
  10. B

    Looking for a Tinder scraper bot that scrapes Instagram profiles

    Where can I find that ? I don't need the bot to swipe right, just to scrape the Instagram profiles of the girls.
  11. A

    How to bypass Apollo limit

    I'm currently using a tool called Apollo io for lead generation and I've to extract 70k companies. The challenge is I can only view 25 results per page and I'll have to manually go through 2800 pages to get the leads. Is there any way I can automate this?
  12. S

    Instagram Scraper

    We are needing a long-term partner to scrape IG data This will include getting peoples': - Usernames - Emails - Follower / Following count Requirements: - The data needs to be new - Ability to filter by country We only need first-world data If you are able to do this, please reply here or...
  13. H

    Script to Scrape Emails Job Listings

    Hello, i need a tool which allows me to scrape different job sites like indeed, or stepstone, linkedin or other job sites and extract all available emailadresses given. Not every job listing has a emailadress but mostly 30-40%
  14. S

    Instagram (IG) Data Scraping

    We are needing a long-term partner to scrape IG data This will include getting peoples': - Usernames - Emails - Follower / Following count Requirements: - The data needs to be new - Ability to filter by country This will allow us to separate the data into: 1) All world data 2) First-world...
  15. D

    Scraping EMAIL data from Airbnb

    Hello, Is it possible to scrape hosts, name, email data and property location? I have a travel project and being able to later email marketing Airbnb hosts would be of a good help potentially. If anyone believe can be done, please let me know. Thanks, DMT69
  16. A

    Need Instagram Email Scraping Service for 300k emails per month

    I am looking for a service that can scrape 300k emails per month (10,000 per day) from instagram hashtags at a reasonable price. Comment with your price for this service please P.S - I am paying per email scraped, not per user
  17. Mr.montez

    [Help] Scrape number of followers from twitter and LinkedIn from profile link and username in google sheets

    Hello guys, I have managed to extract the usernames and profile links of LinkedIn and twitter accounts, but I want to extract the number of followers for each of the accounts using the google sheets import function or another way and copy and paste it to google sheets? would appreciate any help...
  18. R

    JV- My AI that extract b2b leads from google+Your ideas/offers

    I have created AI that extract b2b company leads from google. I'm looking for a partner to make JV What I want from my partner :- --------------------------------------- Good offers/ideas to monetize the b2b company leads for $$$ If anyone interested, PM me or reply in this thread
  19. F

    Instagram Scraping Problems

    Hey, I am scraping stories and posts of many IG accounts, using internal endpoints (and so bot accounts and ofc proxies). Currently I do about 2-3 requests per hour per account, but since Friedayabout 1400 of my 1700 story scraping accounts and 1450 of my 1700 post scraping accounts got blocked...
  20. V

    Need Experienced Instagram Scraper

    Im looking for someone who can efficiently scrape, as i cannot. I need to scrape about 5000-10000 phone numbers from 4 large follower base accounts. Im looking to do this for around $50 as I already have a bid for that number. Thanks everyone and to the mods I am going to try to delete my...