1. N

    Looking for a tinder/bumble bot that scrapes bios of and finds snapchat/ig usernames

    As title suggests im looking for a tinder/bumble bot that scrapes bios of and finds snapchat/ig usernames, i know they exist already out there but i can't find them. I attached a pic, that is how they should look..
  2. BullseyeZ

    Hiring Web Crawler/Scraper Specialist

    Hello! I have a project and I need help with gathering data from the internet in the electric energy field. You'll have to extract these infos from available electric energy companies: - The company name - The company site - Contact email - Contact phone - A short description of the company...
  3. goodbye tobey

    Email marketing | scraping emails from LinkedIn

    I'm looking for best ideas that work best with scraping emails from linkedin profiles For example : scraping forex traders emails to promote trading courses.....
  4. networth

    Scrape Mails From GOOGLE Maps?

    Hello :) Is there any effective way to scrape all Google Maps business e-mails which show up when you search a certain keyword? For example, If i search "coffee shop in LA", I want to scrape all the mail addresses from that search. I've been doing this with Outscraper but it's extremely...
  5. K

    Scraping shopify collections

    Hello, i have scrape over thousands shopify store, i have all the collections of each products but i don't have the parent/child hierrarchy of them. Anyone know how to scrape that ?
  6. Buba Svaba

    Adding subscribers to Telegram channel

    Hello, I'm interested in whether someone can scrape members from a targeted group on Telegram and add them to my channel. I've seen several posts like this and contacted some members who offered their service but only for adding members from one group to another. Unfortunately, this doesn't...
  7. K

    Scrape Emails from Website

    Hello, I'd like to scrape the email addresses and usernames of this website: or similar. I need only emails & usernames of their Normal/Registered Users not Shop Owners. My contact form: only Skype. The payment type: Only Paypal with Refund Option ( in case that...
  8. davi123

    I need scraper accounts for Instagram

    I need quality profiles to use as a scraper, I don't want simple profiles like those that already exist on the market, these profiles will be used as accelerators for automations that need a scraper
  9. PlusMein

    We are looking for Instagram accounts database with emails + usernames in different niches

    Hello everyone, We are looking for Instagram email accounts + usernames in different niches (better online stores or any kind of business in IG). Geo USA - different states. Please get in touch with us who can scrape or have such database. Thanks
  10. gbiz123


    SCRAPE TIKTOK FOLLOWERS - TOUGHDATA.NET People everywhere are asking how to scrape TikTok followers ... ... Unfortunately there is no simple Python snippet to do the trick. Anyone who has attempted this on their own knows the complexity of the task at hand. There are troves of valuable...

    Scrape posts from sitemap. xml..

    Hi. I need to scrape sitemap xml from website it has lot of posts I need post names only I tried web scraper extension, but it freeze when starting is there any extension or program to do that.. Thanks
  12. qwertzui11

    Spammy links from hacked sites with scraped content

    I am having a bit of a hard time with seo nowdays on my ecommerce site. As I looked through my backlinks, I am finding an absolute flood of spammy backlinks. I possibly can rule out a negative attack, because its not just for my site, but for a lot of competitors and other ecommerce site from...
  13. highsoftware99

    Facebook Scrape

    Is there any the best recommendation tools for scraping facebook member from public group, comments, ads ?
  14. Steptoe

    Yep Harvester Engine for Scrapebox

    I reminded myself the other day that Yep still exists, and Ahrefs seems to be featuring it now in their tools suite, so I had a quick look at what it's like to scrape. Pretty simple as it turns out, so I've whipped up this engine for Scrapebox and attached it to the thread. I couldn't really...
  15. NobleGuyHere

    what the best approach to scrape public Facebook pages ?

    i mean, should i use proxy,undetedtable browser or there is a better way? if I use proxy what the cheapest and best proxy type for this bot ?
  16. tattooedbuddha

    [2023] A List of Tools For SEO & Content Writing [FREE & PAID]

    With all the great value other members provide, I felt I needed to contribute, which is why I've compiled a list of tools I find great value in. Hopefully, you'll get value out of them as well! And if you find that I've missed a tool that you find valuable, feel free to contribute and share...
  17. A

    Looking for a scraper that can scrape available numbers

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a scraper that will be able to scrape number that were used in the past but are not available to be purchased, I need them in a large scale and doing it manually would be too difficult, does anyone know of something like it or is able to build it?
  18. NobleGuyHere

    Help Me Build Winning Product Machine

    I'm researching a new tool that analyzing Facebook ad library and get winning product based on some data like (Engagement , TimeToEngagement ...) my expectation is so high if these done correctly BUT...... there is a problim and i cant get anywhere without fix it , when you scroll on Facebook...
  19. goodintentions

    Scraping my own list of followers

    Whats good fellas. I need to get a list of my followers on an excel sheet. I need to see who follows me and who does not. I used to do this easily with one of those third party apps on the play store. Yes, those Bangladesh ass apps i know they use your data, follow random people and like posts...
  20. illuminateme

    [FREE by DONATION] Webservice to Scrape IMAGES into URLs by your KEYWORDS

    [EDIT: SITE DOWN ALREADY :mad: WORKING ON RESTORING] Ever had to bulk add a list of images into your ecommerce or whatever database, and didn't time to manually pick out images on google? Well I had to, and there wasn't a tool for it, the best thing I found was a bunch of stack overflow...
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