1. B

    Scrapebox cant scrape emails

    Hi All, apologies in advance i wasn't to sure what category to publish this in. i'm using scrapebox to scrape emails from urls it use to work fine a couple weeks back but not when i try scraping it's not pulling any emails i was wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and if there's...
  2. ciphercipher1

    Tier 1 links with scrapebox and gsa ser

    Hello everyone, could you please point me in the right direction on how to gather site lists with scrapebox and then filter them so I can build tier 1 with gsa and the sites from the given list. Please anything would work - a thread, a link , an article, your own idea or a thread from the GSA...
  3. K

    Scrapebox custom data grabber error

    Hello, I am using Scrapebox custom data grabber and I encountered an error while loading the urls into the grabber. It does not matter if I select the copy from clipboard/file/SB harvester, it never display the urls in the window grid, it just prints the number in the left corner. After I...
  4. TOR SEO

    How to add custom search engine in scrapebox

    Already mentioned in title and the old school method still working see the below and yes all credit goes to my man @loopline hope its help a lot everyone (who don't know about it) note : video old but its still gold
  5. S

    Does scrapebox have comment automation?

    Does scrapebox have comment automation?
  6. Supriyo Chowdhury

    how to stop scrapebox?

    Hello experts, It has been 12 hours and the issue has not stopped. Do you have any solutions? Thank you in advance.
  7. shobons

    ScrapeBox - Unable to communicate with the scrapebox server

    I recently bought ScrapeBox as it seems to be a very useful and beloved program here on BHW. However, I have encountered an issue and have not been able to start using the program yet. The error message "Unable to communicate with the scrapebox server" shows up in the bottom right corner...
  8. N

    Seeking Advice on Blackhat Software and Techniques for Traffic and Ranking Boost - 2023 Update

    Hello fellow BlackHatWorld members, I hope everyone is doing well. I come to you today seeking some insights and recommendations regarding blackhat software that can effectively increase traffic and improve the ranking of money sites in 2023. As we all know, the online landscape is constantly...
  9. ciphercipher1

    Anyone using GSA Contact?

    Hey there guys I am just getting into the software and I am looking for ideas on how to find products to promote. Like the actual process. Also if anyone can share their experience with the app. Thanks :D
  10. Steptoe

    Yep Harvester Engine for Scrapebox

    I reminded myself the other day that Yep still exists, and Ahrefs seems to be featuring it now in their tools suite, so I had a quick look at what it's like to scrape. Pretty simple as it turns out, so I've whipped up this engine for Scrapebox and attached it to the thread. I couldn't really...
  11. Delboy2424 and GSA/Scrapebox

    Question about. sites that come with a GMB… Obviously optimised the right way can provide some decent whitehat linking back to your business moneysite. What’s the situation regarding building back links to the Google site using tools such as GSA and Scrapebox? Links would be...
  12. Delboy2424

    Advice - Scrapebox posting links to expired domains with 301 or money site?

    Just after some advice … Just starting again with SB after many years so I know the field may have changed somewhat since I last used it. I’ve just purchased an expired domain in my niche with good metrics and good quality relevant back links (my money site is physical customer front facing...
  13. R

    Difficulty with the use of the Scrapebox

    I tested the google engine and found that the next page marker was not found, but i don't know how to fix this problem
  14. M

    Niche Relevant Forum Post Blast

    As the title says, I want to buy forum post blast relevant to my niche. The goal of the blast is to drive traffic to my grey-hat store. Contact me on Telegram: @Free_english_247
  15. G

    Difficulty with the use of the Scrapebox program

    Hi everyone. I've been using the scrapebox program for a few months to do seo and look for leads for my clients' businesses. Just today I tried for the first time to use the google search engine to find websites (before I used yahoo) I realized that google always gives me 100 links, no matter...
  16. Kurdistan

    Paid proxy for speed up harvesting URLs in Scrapebox??

    Hello friends, Recently I got a Scrapebox license, I've used many python tools to get free proxy list and used them for harvesting in Scrapebox but the issue is harvesting with that type of proxies are deadly slow. I've searched about paid proxies there are bunch of websites and proxy types...
  17. sing

    I want to analyze many site, scrapebox, Hrefer, a-parser, Can anyone give some advice? Which is better?

    Friends, I am doing data analysis. I have a detailed understanding of these tools. But each one is different and not cheap. I think someone on the forum can give me some advice. All I want to do is to use Google search to collect website keywords title url information. So I'm going to solve the...
  18. William798

    Scrapebox -test engine Google and Bing wrong.How to fix it?

    1.Settings-Harvestr Engine Configuration-Google-Test Engine-Next Page Marker:NOT FOUND 2.Bing-Test Engine-Error:No links could be retrieved The version is latest Import/Update engines-Download default engines from server is applied. Please help me. Thank you.
  19. S

    Am looking for a list of 1M Whois sites for ScrapeBox

    I have tried searching for the list online using "whois sit list .zip" and I haven't found any. I'm looking for a list of 1 million whois sites.
  20. I

    ScrapeBox freeze

    Hi, is there anyone facing the same issue ? the app freeze after pressing the "start hervesting" button.
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