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Oct 1, 2017
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hi,i am thinking of using scrapbox to get free traffic to my cpa offer and earn some money out of it.Is it a good idea?
IMHO, I don't think spamming works in 2018, like anywhere.
day by day spamming getting harder ... but its still not dead .... but you must be super smart ......
Then what is the best way to get traffic for fiverr gig for free?
Then what is the best way to get traffic for fiverr gig for free?
Fiverr is a "parasite" so technically building 100K links in a short time won't hurt it much. But if you are set on comments - do it manually on very low OBL posts so people can see them.
well i don't think spamming is a good idea. but i am looking for the same answer, so I am following this post :D
Spamming was good and simple way to get money, but in 2018 it's hard to do. It's still working.
You could get a good amount of bot traffic this way but forget about getting targeted traffic.
you can spam with many accounts facebook groups are perfect for that and conversion are heigh.

you can also get a new gsa list and spam .

good luck

does work always will work it just harder and many accounts needed

becouse it cost .oney for the method many dont do it .

account cost so most wont bother .
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