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Apr 10, 2012
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I found this tool few days ago, it's not mine but I would like to share it with you. It creates youtube comments so you don't need to make custom comments something like this www . yoursite. com, or something similar, it generates exact text that you entered and people can easily copy that and paste it in search bar, just like a regular text.

Don't know if this has already been shared, sorry if it is, I haven't saw it! :)

Here is the download link:


Virus Total Scan


It says that it found two viruses, but those are false positive, if you don't want to download, it's okay!

Hope I helped :)

Maybe I should run this is a sandbox? It would be a pretty useful tool if it works and is clean.
Will wait out for some reviews.
RushingWind said:

Maybe I should run this is a sandbox? It would be a pretty useful tool if it works and is clean.
Will wait out for some reviews.
You could instead use Tubenoia to do the same thing, and not worry about viruses.
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Yesterday i found a youtube comment like this www.website.com th no space with a bit different font, it look much better than those code.still wondering how they did it !! i will post a screen shot once a find it again.
Someone can post an example of what this tool actually supposed to do?
I dont like fake commnets...I admit despite getting 100s of thousands of views on my channel/videos(not on each single video) I dont get too many comments..people watch , share, enjoy, subscribe and go back to their work..So i definitely need cool comments for my videos..But even I am not gonna use this software coz every auto comment creator implies violation of youtube's TOS coz youtube wants organc traffic and genuine user interest.. And there is every possible chance(im 99% sure) that a product like that is a Trojan ATV sort of virus.. I think some sore loser had created this piece of useless malicious war to harm others.
I don't know if it isn't to dangerous, do you know any other good commenter which is easy to use and safe?
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