1. N

    Instagram comments likes (real accounts, USA)

    Looking to buy likes for an Instagram comment. Likes must come from the USA from real accounts.
  2. D

    Comment section (TIKTOK)

    Hey everyone, in the past, I used comment sections to promote offers. Now, I'm interested in trying out TikTok's comment section. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to TikTok, so I have a few questions and would appreciate any answers. How many comments can I write per account per day without...
  3. S

    Manual comment limits

    Back in the day I used a method where I would reply to top comment threads with an advertisement/promotion to an account I wanna grow. Since it’s 2023 now I wanna ask if anybody still uses this method. How many manual comments like this could I realistically make per day with Instagram current...
  4. Y

    YouTube commentator - long therm coop

    I am looking for someone who can comment specific YouTube videos. Quantity is about 1 comment for 5-10 different videos per day Comment will always be the same or little changed if need. You can use different accounts if necessary Comment should stay live at least few days. More = better. I...
  5. A

    Need comment likes

    Hi, I need to add likes to some positive comments on Does anyone know a quick way to do this or could do it?
  6. developerA1


    Email: Skype: live:.cid.989b04a2aed7c801 OR Click Here
  7. vismay


    Hello Everyone!! I have a serious problem facing commenting on I have hundreds of pornhub accounts (not too old, not too new) but still when I make comment from one ID - --- I cannot upvote it from other accounts --- The upvote button gets disabled. Any specific reason? Any solution?
  8. Ideas Services

    ❤️ [Unique Offer] 10% OFF Manually Do Follow Niche Relevant Blog Comments ❤️ ✅ FREE REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE✅

    ❤️ [Unique Offer] 10% OFF Manually Do Follow Niche Relevant Blog Comments ❤️ ✅ FREE REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE✅ Skype: live:ideaswebservices Email: ideaswe[email protected] Paypal Email: [email protected] ORDER NOW
  9. F

    Instagram emergency help, please.

    Friends post a page, I post a comment to share with promoocdum people in an app. I've been doing this for a long time, and when I posted the comment in the first place and sent a like to my comments, my comments were always at the top. Now there's a guy in the line of play. He makes his comments...
  10. thescrrr

    How to Make Money on Reddit in 2023 - A Beginner Friendly Guide

    Attention: People Who Want To Make Money Online How To Make Money On Reddit Only With Comments A beginner-friendly guide to affiliate marketing on Reddit Hey, I'm Adam, I was a pothead college dropout slaving away my youth in dead-end jobs. I knew I couldn't do it in the long run so I started...
  11. K

    Ecom Customer Acquisition using IG comments

    I recently found an ecom brand for sale on Flippa: It is only 9 months old and most of its revenue comes from Instagram using an affiliate program and...
  12. M

    Youtube comments

    Hello, I'm trying a new technique of making money online and there is a Youtube commentary used as a source of traffic. I've been trying it for a few days now, but unfortunately every time I add a link to a comment, the entire comment is removed in a few seconds. I tried to shorten URL (
  13. gogamer

    My domain is on some "comment blacklist" and I can't comment on most blogs

    Hi, One of my blog was hacked 2 years ago, and some scumbag injected malicous content. I managed to fix it and remove all bad content long ago, and now I use better security plugins, but my site probably still appears as a bad site in some database. I found out that 80% of the blogs that...
  14. K

    Followliker - Like Comments ?

    Does anyone know how to set the twitter Followerliker to like (click on that heart symbol) each comment under a Tweet?
  15. AnoniX

    Unmoderated blogs/website to spam links!

    Let's share here links where we can place free easy backlinks as comment spam on unmoderated blogs and websites! A few from me: http://flynnsite. com/home/viewpost/5[ http://www.ajbond .net/blog/every-woman-i-slept-with-before-i-met-you-in-the-globe-mail http://www.cometogetherkids...
  16. Email Seller

    Need a Bot For Comment Like and Sub

    I Write it for my Friends, our Need a bot for Comment, Like and Sub, no need View. Please someone help us.
  17. S

    Are there any TikTok comment bots

    I need a comment bot that can comment on new posts, willing to pay does anyone know if these exist
  18. beastkay

    How many comments we can do on competitor video to get traction for our channel?

    Is this a good way to get the real subscribers from competitor youtube videos? or we can do something else, if you have any other way do let me know.
  19. Shel

    Is buying YouTube Comment Likes still working? (SMM Panels)

    Hi all, I am thinking of promoting my YouTube channel by posting comments on popular yt videos and buying hundreds comment likes to make it visible. Is this still working? I was thinking of using qqtube... Probably YT will notice that the likes are fake and prevent people from viewing my...
  20. K

    Instagram Block API actions?

    Hi does Instagram block daily actions from any bot'S (API) ? Like after 100 actions (follow, like comment)? Is that true??
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