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  1. P

    Looking for ScrapeBox - Contact Form Poster Templates

    Hello Community, I'm looking for ScraeBox Contact Form Poster platform templates for the most commonly used contact form's on the web. Mainly looking to target wordpress, wix, squarespace, godaddy and any other common contact form modules etc. If anyone has a library of platform templates...
  2. doepjohn

    Wordpress Comment Booster - Bulk Create & Schedule Comments+Replies | Boost Engagement + Trust

  3. SEOtime

    YouTube Bot - Comment Poster, Upvote, Like, Bulk Upload, Scraper

    Homepage: Support:
  4. chrisking

    Writing 50 Relevant Good Comments, I supply 50 urls

    I am looking for someone who can write good and relevant to the article comments. Not comments like : hey great article you wrote! I will supply +/- 50 urls. You must read the article, and write an relevant comment for it. I will submit the comments myself. So I need a list of handwritten...
  5. Asgardian

    [GET] YouTube comment creator!

    I found this tool few days ago, it's not mine but I would like to share it with you. It creates youtube comments so you don't need to make custom comments something like this www . yoursite. com, or something similar, it generates exact text that you entered and people can easily copy that and...
  6. R

    Blog Commenter Tool...?

    I need a blog commenter tool which is better and does somebody provides trial or something so we can check it out. Are these comment posting tools are good for site...?
  7. S

    How post comments into my own blog network

    Hi, i have a blog network made with wordpress (individually blogs), now i want automate the comment posting (i know how do with scrapebox), but i need change the content when detect a keyword in url or title, example: url 1: url 2...
  8. yorkee

    Scrapebox without proxies and captcha cracker

    Hello all, I am new here, and I want to ask a simple question. If I have AA list for scrapebox blast, should I still use proxies and captcha cracker? Thank you for your answers.. and sorry for my bad english :)
  9. T

    Any Reviews on Mass Prestige Poster (MPP)?

    Hey there BHW, I just got an email for a new spam bot that came out called MassPrestigePoster. Looks pretty good. Costs about $200. Similar to Xrumer, but doesn't post to forums. It sounds like it just spams everything else: blogs, commenting, wikis, guest pages, ect... Supposedly "field...
  10. S

    Looking for someone to comment youtube videos

    I need some comments on other people's youtube videos. I'd prefer this be an automated service as to keep the price low. I will be providing a few comments and keywords and then have you do the comments. Please pm me to let me know what you charge per 1000 comments. Thanks.
  11. ExtremeSEO

    Universal Blog Comment Poster

    I am currently in the creation of a Universal Blog Comment Poster for the following blogs: Blogger Posterous LiveJournal Maneno Moxietype MySpace Open Diary Tumblr TypePad Typo Vox Xanga But I need to know what you are looking for in regards to features? Imagine for a moment...
  12. J

    Caffeinated Content: Yahoo Answers & Comments

    I hate to create a new thread for this, as several already exist (for Caff. Content in general, not this particular question) but I asked this in one of those and I doubt anyone saw it. When you have Caff Content making posts from Yahoo Answers, and they are scheduled to be posted in the...
  13. jonshannow

    1000 Blog comments $3.50

    Hello, I am offering 1000 blogs comments with your link for only $3.50 using my own software. Use your own blog list, use my list of 10000 blogs or let me make one for your niche or keywords.(extra $2) Turn around time is 24 hours. Not all comments will be visiable straight away as they...
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