1. sauliusu

    How to make Money with YouTube (2023 E-Book)

    Made this quick ebook on how you can capitalize on the demand for YouTube Channels. I don't know how well this method is known but I'm showing it here to everyone. I came up with it with a few friends and it has worked. Obviously time and work will show results. Any love is appreciated.
  2. MehtaM

    Looking to buy YouTube Comunity Polls shares/votes

    If you're doing CPA then you know about this. Not looking for fake SMM shares/votes
  3. C

    [Journey] Start Multiple YouTube Channels and Earn $$

    In order to make this post, I purposely opened an account to record my YT journey. I'm going to open 4 YT accounts to post content from different niches (they are all a bit similar, like the cash cow people talk about), I would say it's a semi-automatic operation because in order to save costs...
  4. K

    Youtube: Crazy views, low impression, and ad-views - Need advice!

    Hey guys I could really use some advice with this one. I'll start with the story of what is happening and then I'll put in some of the evidence. In Oct 2022-Dec 2022, I got one of the largest boosts in views that my channel has ever gotten. Sadly it didn't result in pretty much any earnings...
  5. tubeboost

    Youtube shorts getting 0 views [Tips to Remove YouTube Shorts Shadowban]

    Guys, seems I figured out how to remove YouTube shorts shadowban. I run into this problem several months ago on my channel. We all know that shorts are a good source of traffic and subscribers. So, if you shorts getting no views don’t panic. 1. Just stop uploading shorts for a while (several...
  6. Relic480

    Automated YouTube Success: Our Team Builds and Runs Your Channel - Get Started Today! Let Us Build and Optimize Your Faceless YouTube Ch...

    Refund Policy At Youtube Startup Automation, we value our customers and want to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We understand that there may be situations where you need to request a refund, and we have put in place a clear and fair refund policy to accommodate such requests...

    Looking for YouTube News Flash Video Creator [9$ per video]

    Hey, guys! I am looking for a full-time YouTube News Flash Video Creator, who can respond immediately, because i am looking to create news flash videos, which means speed and quality is key for these. I will be paying 9$ per 1:00 to 1:30 long video, all i need for you is write a script of text...
  8. A

    Is YouTube SEO worth it?

    I am starting a small YouTube channel creating Remakes of Silent films using A.I. Here is the first one. I wanted to share it and also ask you guys (since I am video editor and very ignorant regarding these issues) when is best to do YouTube SEO? I have purchased a few K views on upwork...
  9. Degen

    [KNOWN ISSUE] 6/1/2023 Videos, playlists & channels not showing in search results
  10. Panther28

    Hot industry trends for ebook and Kindle publishers video coming up soon

    I published my first book with Draft2digital the other day, so I'm keen to do more in this industry. They discuss the latest trends on youtube soon. It will be worth it to watch as a publisher as they have a unique insider view into what the trends in the industry are since so many authors...
  11. YouTubeOnline - Only for resellers | YouTube & Twitch & Kick

    Hello Black Hat! I am new to the forum, but I have been provider in social networks for more than 3 years. I own a network of sites with movies and series. At the beginning of each movie, with the help of our player, your content is shown to real people, due to which the is completely viewed...
  12. N

    Can i use another device to get views on shorts?

    Hey Guys can I use my another device to upload shorts from them to get views on my shorts?. Currently I'm getting no views on my other short channels .So what should I do? (Not the best in English)
  13. georgetoons

    Youtube CPA Violation

    Hi BHW fam, So recently I started promoting CPA offers on my youtube shorts as pinned comments, I just wanted to ask if anyone has been doing this, if it is effective and also if will affect my reach and standing with youtube, like is there any guidelines against it? Dont wanna get shadow...
  14. newbiebewbie

    latest youtube CPA method 2023?

    Is this the next best CPA method for youtube? I see people with random accounts, uploading random spinning objects with the same music. Am i missing out on something? LMAO
  15. plvgga

    Interesting persons and podcasts (check description)

    Hi! Can you reccomend interesting podcasts or people in podcasts on economy, psychology, motivation etc? Im not from english-speaking country and badly know worldwide youtube, so its will be better if you guys will suggest options Also maybe you will find new exciting persons from another people...
  16. plvgga

    What quality proxies can you advise for youtube?

    Hi guys I'm going to start long-term Youtube channel. Can you advice marketplaces or sellers with good residental ipv4 proxies? Of cource in one hands. Many sellers give the same proxy to multiple people. The price becomes low because of this, but YT see this and gives 0 views to each video You...
  17. W

    A Journey to build my Youtube channel

    Hi all, this is my first post on here but have been lurking here and there for a long time and read alot of journey posts! Which is what got me inspired to start my own Faceless youtube channel. At the moment i upload daily and use vidiq to get better keywords for ranking etc, no idea if i do...
  18. georgetoons

    The Viral Youtube Recipe

    Hi Bhw Fam, I go by George Toons and I am a short format video creator. I have gotten hundreds of millions of views on short format videos and decided its time I start posting some long format youtube videos. Now since all my knowledge is based on short format content and how Tiktok/Ig...
  19. N

    Shorts getting 0 views

    Hey why are my shorts getting 0 views? on 3 different channels when I upload on my mine account I get views? How do I fix that could anyone help me.
  20. N

    Is there a tool for youtube to know what mobile games are getting alot of views right now?

    Hey Guys is there a tool that can search what mobile games are being most viewed on youtube right now?