1. kalemoit

    [My Journey] From 921 to 100K Subscribers

    Hey! I'm working to grow my YouTube channel into a cool community. THE PLAN My big goal? Hit 100k subscribers. First things first, I'm uploading YouTube shorts every day to boost subscribers. VIDEO CREATION PROCESS I'm using CapCut for video editing. THE NICHE Gaming. CURRENT STATS -...
  2. #IM

    Youtube Channel Banned

    Hi y'all I don't know how to phrase this due to the fact im not an English native speaker I had a youtube channel 2 years ago that still has couple of million views on my personal Gmail account, it is still a live under my gmail account, but This gmail account got "unable to access a google...
  3. M

    How do You Use YouTube as a Parasite?

    How do you use YouTube (supposedly a brand new channel with zero subscribers and zero watch hours) in order to drive traffic to your affiliate offer/ CPA offer/ adult tube offer or attracting traffic for anything in general?
  4. J

    "after all of these years" Comment bot

    I have seen this comment bot being used by loads of people who buy verified channels (100k+) and bot comment on videos uploaded a few years later that only just comes up on everyone's recommended page on the home screen. Does anyone know where I can find such bot to do this? The videos they...
  5. prm4u - SMM SERVICES PROVIDER | Telegram , Reddit , Soundcloud ,Quora , Tumblr , YouTube , TikTok , Vk , Facebook , Soundcloud - SMM SERVICES PROVIDER | Telegram , Reddit , Soundcloud ,Quora , Tumblr , YouTube , TikTok , Vk , Facebook , Soundcloud Our team knows how to work professionally in the SMM markets, we create services of any complexity and are ready to create customized services for your SMM sites...
  6. AfcanHduth3b

    yt report

    If you have a macro that allows you to report live YouTube or past videos, or if you have a panel that provides a YouTube reporting service, please introduce it. Or if anyone can make a YouTube report macro, please message me
  7. LegendAndroidX

    NEW youtube update : Can't see if a channel is monetized or not

    yes, it's patched, the method to see if a channel is monetized or not is not working anymore, also the extensions are not working. vidIQ chrome plugin shows all channels that I check as not monetized. so say good bye to the old method : right-click on the page and select "view page source."...
  8. Rollfic

    YouTube removed the way to know monetization status.

    So to know if a channel is monetized, one would go to the homepage of the channel, then view the page source and find "monetization" and if it was true, then the channel is monetized. If false, then not monetized. I just checked a channel and they seemed to remove this "monetize" word from the...
  9. O


    Hi all, anyone remember the name of the site, it specializes in scoring likes, views youtube for money, there is still an application for the computer need to download separately?
  10. Rollfic

    Youtube and AdSense

    Let's say 3 of your monetized channels are connected to 1 Adsense account. If 1 of the channel gets demonetized or deleted, does it affect the other two channels? I think they allow to have 2 AdSense accounts nowadays? Can't have multiple right?
  11. H

    [YouTube Shorts] How to properly launch youtube channel by certain GEO?

    I live in Kazakhstan. I tried to create yt channel aimed at English-speaking audience, but hits that I'm getting are from my country. I've already looked topics about it but it's kind of confusing. Ok. My question how to create youtube channel properly? What am I supposed to do? Is there some...
  12. W

    About a strange email from Youtube I received on my 4 of my Youtube accounts at same time

    I notice from last few days a email from Youtube team saying this in email title: "Your channel has lost access to advanced features" I never receive a email like this and I didn't commit any infraction in any of my 4 youtube accounts. one of the accounts was inactive for 10 months and got...
  13. zotix

    Starting again with Monitzed Youtube Channel and Adsense after 3 Month

    Dear BHW Community, Status Quo: I have a monetized YouTube account with 3.5k followers, and videos through SMM Panels rank higher. I often used Google Adwords campaigns and other methods to grow. I have about 7-8 Videos. The Channel is about Artificial Intelligence (Broad): Then -> Smaller...
  14. C

    A North African's Journey To Success (Moroccan)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the community, my journey to online money making started at 2012 when i was 12. Without getting into details, living in a 3rd world country throttles your progress, especially between 2012 and 2017. Today atleast we can do online international payments. Skip to 2021...
  15. IkaroOnFyre

    Looking for Youtube content claim and monetize service.

    Hey! I need some help finding a Youtube MCN / CMS that can claim and monetize some content. I own two channels that got demonetized under reused policy. No issues or copyright claims as content is open for common use. Channel 1 with an average of 25k views per day Channel 2 does 45k views per...
  16. Dor87

    Is paying a VPS with a GPU worth a 24/7 streaming?

    I want to stream 24/7 on YouTube, I have two video generator softwares. One doesn't require a GPU and is pretty fast but results in a much lower quality and requires me to study the inner workings which is taking a long time as the code is not commented at all. The other one requires a GPU, but...
  17. zeus0071

    [Journey] First Making Money Journey

    So i ve been lurking here for a while and asking questions from time to time till recently i decided to actually move my ass and start doing something....i started working on two niches the 1st one is meme niche an the 2nd is about motivational , mental health and self improvement quotes for the...
  18. Ges

    YouTube What affects the display of shorts videos in a specific country?

    Hello. I run YouTube channels in which I publish shorts videos on the topic of football. How can I make YouTube show my videos only in Brazil?
  19. P

    Youtube Monetization Ideas? What would you do with this channel?

    Hello guys, how are you going? I would like to have some opinions and tips of yours, I sincerely don't know what i can do with this channel: What would u do to make money with this channel? It's not monetized and it's a old channel...
  20. LegendAndroidX

    How is this youtube channel keeps making money?

    Hey guys. i have a question , how this channel keeps monetization enabled? Also is he earns through the live stream ?
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