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Oct 1, 2017
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Hey guys
I have a plan to get free traffic for CPA offers from website comment posting.i am telling you my plan.I calculated that if I get a offer of 0.05 ppc and managed to get 200 clicks and I will get 10$(That's all I need).I thought of posting comment 1000 every day(1 min=3comment=6hours).And hope to get atlest 200 clicks everyday.My question is

1)Is is possible to get clicks from website comment posting in 2017 in this way?
2)is it possible to earn 10$ from free comment posting?
3)is it possible to get atlest 200 clicks from comment posting?
4)where i should be care in doing this so that it won't consider as spam?

5)Do I have to make some changes in may plan to make 10$ per day from free traffic?

If it is not possibe then is there any similar way.My only requrement is it should be free and i can have 10$ per day from that.I have time and i can work hard too.I can work on in making a attractive comment but only thing I need is a good source.(not fb,Snapchat..big social media)as most of the site don't allow this kind of stuff

I am new in this and I struggling hard on this so I really need a solution for my problem.I know it is quite hard to earn 10$ per day from comment posting or similar stuff but i still see this kind of thing is going on in youtube comment,blog comment etc.I WANT HELP FROM GUYS WHO ARE DOING THIS STUFF AND MAKING MONEY FROM IT.OR ANY NEW WAY WHICH MATCH MY REQUIRMENT
Thank you for your time
I saw this same post on here yesterday...
similar but not same yester day i was talking about free ad posting site but i didn't get great response that way i post a smilar post on comment posting. my posting pattern is same
Best way to make money in 2017/2018.

Are you ready for it?

Just try something, anything. You'll learn from it. Try lots of things, the more you learn the more you know. The reason why you're not making anything from this method and probably won't is because you're looking for approval here. Just my 2 cents.
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