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  1. W

    How long (in average) I have to wait until notice an increase in website traffic after SEO work done

    Hello. How long will take in average after start working with SEO and start working on rankings on a website, to start see a increasing in website traffic? I'm working currently with SEMrush and seems intresting. After SEO work done how long in average I have to wait until start getting more...
  2. W

    Looking for alternative ways to get website traffic besides social media marketing

    Hello I'm looking for alternative ways to get website traffic besides social media marketing and forum marketing. In past I already tried paid ads from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Adwords to promote affiliate marketing products from Clickbank without success. After invested $20 in each...
  3. P

    Earned $12600 in a month using Free Traffic Strategy promoting Affiliate products

    Previously in another thread I posted here my journey using 2800 websites with high traffic which they accept affiliate products l, to make free traffic campaigns posting that kind of products. I earned so far $5636 after I posted manually during 13 days in the whole list with 2800 websites...
  4. G

    [ Journey ] Going to 20$ per day ?

    Hello guys ! I would like to post here my journey and , if possible, to get some help from some more experienced people. I started my CPA Marketing Journey 3 months ago, with MaxBounty. I chose to promote surveys because I thought that it would be easy to do so, and now I also think that. I...
  5. A

    Is my YouTube Channels shadow banned?

    Hi BHW I am creating multiple youtube channels using VPN in a real phone and using proxies ( on my laptop and used them to make short videos to get traffic to my affiliate link. I try to post many short videos some of them i make from scratch with capcut or canva and others come from...
  6. nk646

    [Journey] Instagram Reels + CPA Marketing

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time now, but have decided that I finally want to start my first real Journey. The main reason for this is to: 1. Keep me motivated 2. Motivate other people 3. Keep track of my progress This will not be my main income, but more...
  7. OpenSauce

    ⭕️ YouTube Content Machine - Unlimited FREE traffic for CPA - Fully Automated Method ⭕️

    About the price: The making of this ebook took days of research and countless nights of coding. I cannot allow myself to price it any lower due to amount of work it required to put together. Frequently asked questions: Q: Why should I buy this? A: Buy this if you want to learn how to get...
  8. Khalilcha99

    cpa marketing methods

    Hello guys, what's your news? There are many channels that upload 100 videos a day, it's still fresh, and the videos are all the same. How do they benefit from this method, knowing that the channel is closed after less than 24 hours?
  9. designer style

    My Way To Make 23 cents Per Month.

    It's a unique method and I call it: fiasco I started CPA marketing 1 month ago, and this is my stats. I'm using just free traffic from Facebook groups. ANOTHER FAIlURE WAS ADDED TO My FU--ING LIFE
  10. T

    Drive free traffic to Adult Wordpress Blog in 2023

    hi to all, I have an adult blog. Currently the traffic comes from google and twitter. I am looking for ways to share my content (blog posts/blog images) as automated as possible (plugin/rss) to get free traffic. years ago the pornvideo reupload method was very effective... in the meantime...
  11. Tony Soprano

    [Journey] to $2K Profite a month with POD Store + Free Traffic.

    Hello BHW, I have been lurking on this forum for many years now. I have had my account on here for years and have just now decided to start getting active. I have read a lot of threads on this forum that have really opened my eyes to IM and have inspired me to start my own journey this time. By...
  12. X

    How I've made 1200$ using free traffic facebook

    Hello Everyone in 2019 I saw a post about CPA Content locked ( just an image in facebook ) using manychat bot I had this idea : Make a facebook page Oppo Create a post that oppo is opening a new page for their clients Make a post in the page that oppo doing a giveaway ( 300 phone ) to...
  13. Shadiii

    CPAGRIP first MTD Statics (results)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing good. I'd like to share with you my first stats on CPA grip for this month, it's the first time for me in CPA marketing. I created a URL locker on the CPA Grip website, then I created a landing page that converts to the locker and started to get some...
  14. A

    How can I have groups (Facebook) that allow me to post automatically?

    How can I have groups on facebook that you can post automatically without the ban of the admin?
  15. jaroule


    Hello Dear BHW i'm actually little bit confused about which channel do i need to choose in order to drive free traffic, i'm actually have in hand sim cards (about 1k), and i can create manually about 100 accounts daily accounts on any social media. the question is which social media do guys...
  16. uxdrug

    How to make money with lead Gen (for Free traffic)

    Everyone wants to make money online. Let me share an easy way to make money online. You can use organic traffic like Facebook groups, Reddit, FB pages, pinterest, emails even paid media if you want. Sweepstake is the easiest way to start stacking piles of $$$. But it is a bit tricky to deal...
  17. M

    [journey] to 50$ per day CPA

    Hi, BHW community. I want to share with you this journey That my goal is earn 50$ per day. i know it's hard but i will try it. what i have for now: 3 domaine name cpa build account - i will try to post 10 video per day on youtube and facebook and twitter. i will update you after 1 week from...
  18. uxdrug

    Affiliate Marketing: Should I do Free or Paid? Answered

    A question always dunting in my head all the time when I started Affiliate Marketing sometimes it still does. Should I do it for Free? Should I do Paid? And I know you might be asking the same to yourself. Let me share my experience & the approach I've adopted to deal with this question. I...
  19. Reward20

    3 Methods For Driving Traffic From Pinterest

    Did you know that Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your website? Recent research indicates that it is growing rapidly as a tool to boost your social media presence and drive traffic. According to Shareaholic's Q3 2014 Traffic Report, Pinterest drives more than three times the traffic...
  20. V

    [ Fiverr Affiliate Program ] A lot of unique Clicks & No Comissions Yet

    Hi guys, I hope all be good, I have this problem with fiverr affiliate programe , I have a lot of clicks every day and no yet Registrations or Comissions, I use Free traffic methods, Please if you can help me to know what is problem, and thanks.
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