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  1. bhamza92

    I will start Work online16 hours a day for 90 days / your advice!!

    hi there ... i hope you are doing well in online work :):):) i want to achieve what can be achieved from the Internet in the next 90 days My goal is 100$ or 1k$ or 10k$ or 100k$ / What is possible I will work 16 hours a day What I have : a good mentality of Bob Proctor's ideas I watched...
  2. pulok

    200 clicks from free traffic

    Hey guys I have a plan to get free traffic for CPA offers from website comment posting.i am telling you my plan.I calculated that if I get a offer of 0.05 ppc and managed to get 200 clicks and I will get 10$(That's all I need).I thought of posting comment 1000 every day(1...