1. GentlePimp

    [Journey] Creating and scaling my online coaching business

    TLDR at the bottom of the post Hello everyone, I have been reading on this website for a bit and I find it really encouraging, so I've decided to share my story as I go. Of course, any help or input is appreciated and I will try to answer as many questions as I can. GOAL: Build an online...
  2. brenten_ilija

    Do Online gurus truly reveal all their secrets in their Courses?

    I love online courses offered by some famous guy who is making money on the internet. But after taking their courses , i thought that , Is that it ? Is it true that they reveal all their secrets on a course ? So i came here to get some thoughts from BHW community. What do you think? Waiting...
  3. JouvanJohnson

    [Journey] - $0 to $5,000 per month in recurring revenue in 90 days

    My target is to grow my website from zero to at least $5,000 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). I thought of the idea to document it yesterday for both accountability and to force myself to write more which will improve my content creation moving forward. So the deadline is 16th May 2022! So...
  4. ss_social

    Do you do online coaching?

    Hi, guys, thank you always for the great contents posted on this forum. This is just a general question for anyone who has done or is doing online coaching, if you don't mind sharing your story. If you have done or is doing online coaching, what is the niche/specialty of your coaching? How is...
  5. Determined Diva

    10k coaching? Really?

    Hey everyone I hope it's going great with you guys. I am a little baffled as to the price tag of $10,000 per coaching package from marketers. Last night I came across an advert asking me to sign up for a $10k course or an installment payment method of $997 a month for 12 months. What does one...
  6. HLH

    Hello Humans of BHW! [Poll Included]

    Hello BHW! My name is HLH, I am beginning my quest into online marketing. After some lurking, I decided the best thing for me would be to start my own journey thread. It may not happen today, because my main issue is parenting myself and holding myself accountable. I never feel good enough...
  7. David808

    Looking for the best FBA courses out there

    I came across multiple coaches like Seth Kniep and Kevin David. Does anyone know more about their courses? I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and I am just looking for a good coach out there to help me build my income from Amazon and so far I find Seth to be the most helpful...
  8. JouvanJohnson

    Oral pleasing your lady plus marketing?

    This is about to get a little weird but fook it I'm having fun ;) Yesterday I got asked this question... (I will share it below) ========================================= "I'm broke but I want to start an online business so need to limit my cost as much as possible. I'm using WordPress as my...
  9. A

    Need help from experts in converting traffic from adult tubes ($$)

    Hey guys Happy Holidays! My name is Julie and I’m about to start my journey as an affiliate. My intention is to convert traffic from adult tubes. This would be my first try in this field, but I’m excited to tap into its vast potential. Since I’m a newbie, who destined to make a lot of...
  10. M

    does anyone want to teach me about ppc. ill pay$$$$$$

    hey bhw im thinking about hiring someone to teach me all about ppc. all they need to do is have a skype and be very good at internet perfer someone with high ratings on bhw thanks guys message down below if your interested!!
  11. T

    Hello, just a quick hello.

    Hello everyone, my name is Alex. I've heard a lot about this site so I'm super excited to get to know the community. I hope to bring value and create long lasting relationships with some marketing ninjas ;) I've been in the online space for about 3 years and moving quick to implement strategies...
  12. S

    i need guide to growth likes and visits

    Hi, i'm newbie in social media, and i'm looking for help/coach/guide for 2 goals a)Growth likes to my fan page: is a non-profit organization, i want get many REAL fans, and after publish inspirational messages for users share our projects b)I listen that publish in groups is a good idea for get...
  13. S

    [need] Looking for coach in social networks

    Hi, i have a non-profit search engine (a non profit/humanitary organization launch a search engine for get money from searchs ads) Them i plan send traffic from social networks (facebook and twitter), and want learn about fast growth REAL users, do votations, sweetstakes, viral/memes, etc...
  14. Corem

    newbie looking for SEO advice

    Hello . I've been doing (trying to do ) affiliate marketing for 4-6 months now, but I'm finding it hard to understand some things in it . Is there anyone who coaches or who can provide some advices or answer some of my questions about seo and about IM generally. I'm ready to fail 99 times just...
  15. U

    Looking For 1-on-1 Coaching! Mentor Takes 65% of MY Income!!

    I've been in the Internet Marketing business for over two years now. I've worked very hard on it, built dozens of websites, written hundreds of articles and tried pretty much every thing there is. Yet I've never made a single dime!! What I am looking for is a mentor who tells me what to do and...
  16. royal2b

    Sent in my app too John Jonas coaching..

    and I actually got accepted lol.. Apparently he only picked 15 outta god knows how many application. He's gonna teach us how to set up any type of biz online(local,niche) and fully automate it through outsourcing. Also letting us look over his shoulder, as he works on his day to day online...
  17. budicemerlang

    i need a coach from BHW for teach me clickbank affiliate

    I need a coach with has reputable in this BHW for teach me 1 on 1 coaching making money as CLICKBANK affiliates. For coaching fee please send PM to me The Method I prefer method with PPC Coaching method i prefer using Online skype and sharing screen, team viewer and call (for urgent...
  18. blackma

    Does Anybody Else think that this is what all IM Guru types should look like?

    I think I'm in love... :beat4: :boobies::boobies::boobies:
  19. Y

    New Marketer Seeking Coaching

    Hello....I am a new online marketer in relative terms. I am researching the net to find ways a guy can make money online for his family. My History: -Current Tennis Teaching professional -Living in a small town that doesn't have enough tennis players to support a full time income -Owned...
  20. Y

    New online marketer seeking advice

    Hello....I am a new online marketer in relative terms. I am researching the net to find ways a guy can make money online for his family. My History: -Current Tennis Teaching professional -Living in a small town that doesn't have enough tennis players to support a full time income -Owned...
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