If you were being honest with yourself, why do you have trouble starting? (you may pick more than 1)

  • Analysis Paralysis (never-ending research/perfectionism)

  • External noise and influences like parents, peers, authority figures lowering self-esteem

  • Fear (changing of your identity either as a failure or success)

  • I do not have trouble starting

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Aug 10, 2018
Hello BHW! My name is HLH,

I am beginning my quest into online marketing. After some lurking, I decided the best thing for me would be to start my own journey thread. It may not happen today, because my main issue is parenting myself and holding myself accountable. I never feel good enough, knowledgeable enough, or ready despite knowing I am talented and I have everything I really need to start. Due to this analysis paralysis, things just have not been getting done unfortunately and I know I am not alone.

I at least feel happy that I have good intentions. My audience will be in the personal-development, confidence, and self-help niche. My first priority has always been, not only to release quality content, but to bring true value to someone in need of help because I myself had been down for quite sometime.

I really enjoy reading journey threads in the forums, they can be really inspiring! Therefore, my vision for my bhw account is to not only help myself accomplish my goals, but to motivate others as well. Thank you for welcoming me. I would like to hear back from anyone about your habits. Maybe we can all see that we are not alone and starting is hard!

I hope to meet and converse with many of you soon. :D
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