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    Hello everyone, my name is Alex. I've heard a lot about this site so I'm super excited to get to know the community. I hope to bring value and create long lasting relationships with some marketing ninjas ;) I've been in the online space for about 3 years and moving quick to implement strategies to keep me up to speed with the competition. I specialize in celebrity like programs for authors, speakers, trainers and coaches, who want to create high ticket programs via online sales funnels (Check out FunnelActive) . I also deploy some mean marketing tactics and build strong JV relationships since we launched our newest WP plugin called (ScarcityPro), which is essentially a countdown timer that can be used on both websites and email for your marketing campaigns. I enjoy playing soccer and reading personal development books to develop the right mindset needed for this niche. I love to laugh and make friends so feel free to connect with me on Skype (alexguillen007). Okay, that's it for now.