marketing affiliates

  1. E

    Help me please

    I've been marketing for months but without success, could someone help me make the first sales
  2. SigmaHustle

    Scraping Emails for Influencer Marketing Campaign / SaaS business

    Hey guys I am launching a SaaS business and I am looking to promote it with the help of some youtubers offering them a % of the sales. I have set up the entire system in place and the only thing that I have to do now is find those influencers to partner with. Due to the fact I am on a tight...
  3. K

    local ads / all about local ads

    I'm about to start a job with local ads (local traffic) but I don't have much experience in the subject, but I've been studying about it for months and I've noticed several ideas and I wanted to discover more experiences of people and more important things. (write what you think is more...
  4. airwolf234

    Quick hello to all BHW members

    Hi everyone, It's a pleasure to be here. I'm a long time reader and follower of BHW (probably like most newbies) but this is my first post. I've stayed in the background for many years just reading posts and learning what others do to navigate this business we call 'marketing'. I have to say...
  5. so2lis

    Looking for someone to generate leads

    Looking for someone who knows how to generate leads for people that are looking for “Debt Help, Debt Advice or any form of Debt Management” in United Kingdom. I will pay well for quality leads, either by pay per lead, marketing funding, affiliate CPA or revenue share. You cannot generate the...
  6. M

    The best wab hosting

    Hey traffic get sales
  7. Character-o-keefe

    What is your opinion about Nichehacks: Free and Paid both?

    If you are into affiliate marketing, there's a big possibility that you might have heard about I like the content there but I think that the guy Stuart Wallker is an alias for someone else and is not a real person. I would like to know about your opinions, about anything related...
  8. T

    Hello Everyone

    I am a Computer and Information Systems Managers as a profession. Am here to learn online marketing especially to earn money full time online marketing
  9. Alycia Lucero

    Newbie introduction

    Hey guys I’m alycia, I work in adult intertainment I’m a new webcam plus size model and looking for any good Info on making money with chaturbate or any other good companies n I’m always looking in how to expand my income and i want info on marketing and my adult website or any sponsors I’m all...
  10. A

    Newbie running a unique porn site

    I’m really happy to find this forum and all the knowledge on here. It’s seems like a wonderful place to get and give tips. My name is Ariel X. I started performing in the adult industry in 2003 and have since moved into a producer role. My passion is wrestling and smut so I have combined those...
  11. simpley

    How to monetize Target Email List (Is email marketing dead?)

    Hi All If you had Email List how you will monetize them I mean if you have Niche email list and mail server to mail them , what you will do Is email marketing dead?

    Free Asian Dating Site needs first 200 Premium/Paid members...Can you help?

    We run a great reputation Asian-Western dating site (about 10,000 Free non-paying REAL members currently). We also offer an upgraded premium monthly membership ($24.99/month). We're looking to do some type of 50/50 revenue sharing for any PAID memberships you can bring, of course allowing you...
  13. BlueLaser

    Which Best Network for PPL (Pay Per Lead) ?

    I am searching for any good network that is best for Pay Per Lead. Some of advertisers on Clickbank or Shareasale pay for Pay Per Lead, please provide list of those.
  14. SugarDaddySudy

    [Help]I need suggestions about prss or marketing!

    Our company located in China but we're operating the dating products all over the world especially the US Europe&Southeast Asia. Now I'm struggling with my work, need someone to suggest or teach me literally. For press: 1. We want to contact famous brand media like BBC, CNN and etc to feature...
  15. A

    Need help from experts in converting traffic from adult tubes ($$)

    Hey guys Happy Holidays! My name is Julie and I’m about to start my journey as an affiliate. My intention is to convert traffic from adult tubes. This would be my first try in this field, but I’m excited to tap into its vast potential. Since I’m a newbie, who destined to make a lot of...
  16. joecharles25

    I need help promoting my affiliate program.

    Hello guy, I am in the process of creating a new online dating site. Like any other site. I will have an affiliate program that pay 80% of sales. Payment will be recurrent every year. What I need help with is when the affiliate program for the site is all competed. How can I get affiliate...
  17. lockitup1

    My Product, Your Marketing, 50/50 Rev Split ($45/month per sale each)

    Looking for a great marketer with experience in gambling to team up with to take my product to the next level. I run a subscription service in the gambling/sports betting niche and have been able to do pretty well on my own for the last 18 months. In that time the site has grown from nothing...
  18. Stencil

    [Need advice] New CPA Gig from Rushbucks Aff' Program. Is it legit?

    Hello Folks, I must warn you, this can be a long post. I have been a lurker quite a while and new to IM world too. Since this is my first post I would like to thank all the active members and contributors who make it such a wonderful place to gather information, experiment and share our success...
  19. A

    sales solution - help

    Hello people i want to ask few questions. What i`m doing i saw it somewhere and i tried adhitz because is cheaper than google adwords i tried and i have 242 clicks 42,216 views and 0 sales. I found 1 more site which they say 600 sales per year is pass 16 days and still 0 sales...
  20. TempestRider

    Make $2000-$3000 Monthly by Affiliate Offline Marketing in India

    Hello Guys! I don't know if any user from this forum have tried this method but i am going to write for those who don't. Today i am going to show method by which you can earn atleast $1000 a month by investing only $10. From here will be using Currency Rs. so my Indian brothers can have clear...
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