1. B

    Looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot

    Hey guys! ) I’m looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot using LangChain in combination with chatgpt or any other LLM’s and deploy it on a website (and show me how to set it up). Let me know if this is your field and you can make this happen :) I will describe it in more...
  2. C

    Send Broadcast message to all people in my DM

    Is there a chat bot or app that can send a message to every user in my DM. I.e user that has interacted with me in the DM
  3. OF Content Marketing

    Creating Ai sex chatbot - looking for a developer

    Looking for someone who has some experience in this field to join our team. We are wanting to create and develop a new relationship sext bot. Want it to be able to have deeper learning and be trained for certain personalities. Reply and message me - I'll explain more details. Thank you
  4. J

    New here- AI sexting bot creator

    Hello! Just joined BHW. Thanks
  5. Y

    Asked ChatGPT to write a dad joke about BHW

    meh, not bad
  6. UnskilledMong

    AI Discord Selfbot and Auto tag finder and adder, I made recently.

    I have been busy on my tiny 8gb GPU creating some promotion tools using a 4-bit version of some uncensored conversational AI model with an automatic discord finder and adder! Perfect for onlyfans promotion, discord server promoting or anything really! It creates a more personal direct way of...
  7. Cyw1z


    Are you looking for a comprehensive list of AI and NoCode tools to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity? Look no further, as we've compiled a curated collection of the latest and greatest tools that are sure to elevate your game. From AI-powered chatbots to intuitive NoCode website...
  8. korosho

    Need help with pre-landing page - Sales Funnel & Sell copy Tips

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a cryptocurrency that has not yet been launched, and I am looking for some guidance and advice. I understand the importance of having a strong pre-landing page or sales funnel in order to generate leads, increase social media followers, and drive sales...
  9. B

    I got BANNED from ChatGPT

    Well it has been a fun 3 days but I woke up today with the message of my account being suspended. I have been using ChatGPT since Monday to write lewd +18 stories. Apparently this was unacceptable for the OpenAI staff and my account has been suspended. To make matters even worse the website does...
  10. noellarkin

    Replika AI Dystopia

    For the uninformed, Replika AI is a 'companion chatbot' that's marketed as being a virtual BFF. I was checking out Replika AI and the technology is pretty amazing, but the side-effects I see on their Subreddit, the behaviour of the userbase seems...disturbing to say the least. Most of these...
  11. mord.kai

    which adult escorts or dating sites without id verification generate traffic for whatsapp dm?

    hello bhw i have a chat bot on whatsapp and telegram that generate leads for my adult offers, i noticed that some escorts sites direct the user to the dm link of whatsapp or instagram (phone), but many of these sites ask for id document verification, is there any site that does not have this KYC...
  12. BravoFoxtrot

    [Giveaway] FREE Chatbot for your Instagram business page.

    Hello everyone, I will create a professional manychat chatbot for your Instagram business page for FREE! Why I'm doing this for free? The reason why I will create a free chatbot for your Instagram business page is that I need to boost my portfolio because I recently started my own Instagram...
  13. oaqoa

    (selenium + python) chatbots

    hello is anyone familiar with writing a chatbot using selenium? currently i am trying to implement a chat bot to drive traffic to my social media accounts (in this case i am farming snapchat followers from various sources & sites via browser , hence selenium works well for this purpose...
  14. jul3s

    [Method] Get high CTR with this type of landing pages for CPA and Affiliate offers

    Instead of wasting time and money to create a new landing page for every offer I want to test, I push traffic to the landing with AI bot where I get a chance to ‘talk to them’, get names, emails, make them share, educate them about the offer, etc. This way I get higher CTR to the landings as...
  15. ZeroDefects

    Chatbots Tutorials or help?

    I'm looking to add a chatbot to my website. Can anyone recommend, tutorial, which bots to use or avoid (preferably free) and anything else I might need to get implementation right? Edit: I'm thinking it might be better to NOT have as part of my social media account (like facebook messenger...
  16. T

    Facebook Messenger ditches Discover, demotes chat bots

    Big changes with FB ChatBots! From March 1st you won't be able to send automated messages to clients that haven't interacted with you in the past 24 hours. Also, FB is changing the Messenger app with the focus of speed and simplicity instead of broad utility like China’s WeChat. Source...
  17. Vikjohn

    How do I monitize my chatbot

    Hello guys, I have a Facebook chatbot with 17k active subscribers Niche: Dating What do you think I can do to monitize Thanks
  18. P

    Advanced chatbot use-cases?

    Hey, I am new to this forum and have not much marketing knowledge, but I am a quite decent developer and have experience with building chatbots that go way beyond simple if then else cases. See (open source bot framework, is time intensive but gives great results if used...
  19. fxkool

    Conversation Components for ChatBot

    All is done through a chatbot on the messenger platform. I am looking for someone who can produce content/text messages/quick replies to create a conversational experience and help maintain engagement rate. I have 1 website where I sell the nootropic stacks through affiliate networks. Thanks
  20. E

    Lead Acquisition - Chatbot (Manychat)

    Hello people, I work with chatbot (31k subscribers) at a supplement company and i have some question about lead acquisition. I usually do ads for conversion (objective) on facebook but the cost per lead was costly. How do you usually make your ads for acquisition? which CTA? A few months ago...
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