buying links

  1. BarryTheBaptist


    WARNING: Rant Incoming! 99% of the links I bought on BHW SUCK ASS! Niche edits/link inserts, Guest Posts, PBN's, "Foundational" Links (what a joke) - All Terrible! 90% of the guest posts I found in places like reddit and small agencies for a lower price. Almost all niche edits on useless...
  2. Hungry And Young

    Looking to buy Sponsored Posts /Links

    Hey Experts I am looking to buy sponsored posts or link insertions/sentence insertions. I NEED MANY PER MONTH - more than 100 if you can provide This can be long term, as long as you keep providing and meeting expectations. Here is a few of the info, Requirements: - At least 20 DR (can be...
  3. Hungry And Young

    Looking to buy Sponsored Posts /Links

    Hey experts, So basically, I am looking to buy sponsored posts or link insertions/sentence insertions. Can anyone here provide me with a list of websites that allow paid guest posts, sponsored posts, or paid link insertions? If not, if you own those websites then please, let us do business...
  4. arplayer2k

    WTB - Quality Niche Edits & Quality Niche Specific PBN Links

    Hi, I am looking for two different types of links. Quality niche edits on real sites with traffic, not link farms, etc. Share sites with me. Cost: $30 per edit NICHE: SEO Quality PBNs on high quality PBNs with quality posts, good site metrics, backlinks, RDs, low OBL, etcs. Cost: Open...
  5. C

    Buying 5 Huge Links Or 10 Medium Ones

    What's better for authority and ranking. Buying 5 huge links from sites like or 10 links from smaller sites like ?
  6. El Magico

    I don't want to build a PBN

    I have 2 sites and I don't want to build a PBN, it seems expensive and very time consuming, I am targeting low search volume keywords. So far I have used web 2.0s (recently) only and not sure if I notice a big effect, I am targeting low search volume under 300 keywords, with good on page SEO I...
  7. Veronique89

    PBN gets penalized - does link to moneysite from PBN also gets penalized?

    Hi to all, I was wondering that if I buy let's 6-7 links on a PBN and Google discovers this PBN and then de-indexes it, then will that have effect on the links from the PBN (so my bought links linking to my money site)? Thanks in advance for any replies! It would be very appreciated! Kind...
  8. DK21

    What to look for when buying links

    Hi, I'm considering buying links for one of my sites as I think it must be possible to buy links that work:) However, before I do it I would like to know if anyone of you have experience with it and know what to look for? Things such as moz score, different link profiles, age of site etc. I...
  9. seo_seo_seo

    Buying Backlinks From Adult Websites

    Pm me prices and samples. Adult includes porn, videos, blogs, dating, escort etc. etc.
  10. S

    301 redirects for link buying

    Hey Guys, Had a question. If I have ten domains (nothing on them) and decided to put them on servers and have ONLY 301 redirects on each one that forwards to my money site. Can I buy SAPE links and bulk links in general and point those links to the 10 domains and it safely transfer to my money...
  11. Charles27

    Tier 1 - The Game Has Changed

    Hi everyone - I've been looking and working hard in the Tier 1 dept for my websites and other shit. Unfortunately, it always seems like I'm coming in on the tail end of something. Example, Tiered link building. It's becoming somewhat apparent that the old method of tiered link building is kinda...
  12. M

    Is buying social bookmark links a good idea?

    I am new to SEO, and I need some advice. I was thinking of buying social bookmarking links from some providers on seo clerks, and I just wanted to know whether it is a good idea to do so. There are loads of gigs offering to create loads of social bookmarking links, link pyramids and link wheels...
  13. dbyrn

    Penguin & Panda updates give you a new opportunity to make money :)

    Hi, I own an article site which is connected to a content distribution network and a new content is being pushed to it every day. I just let this site be (the site is deindexed now by the way). I'm using it for another reason. Anyway today I've received an email: Some people pay for putting...
  14. Asterixpro

    buying bunch of links

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum but definitely not to SEO or the blackhat way. I'm trying to buy a bunch of quality one page links preferably inside some relevant copy for "online casino" "casino bonus codes" and "online slots" so if you know where I can buy em or if any of you guys have that...
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