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  1. B

    Is it worth buying a course for Authority Website building?

    Hello, I am thinking about buying The Affiliate Lab or The Authority Site System 3.0. I would like to hear which one you prefer or if you have any experience with them. Also, one thing that worries me at the moment, is all the AI changes are integrated, and to be integrated into search engines...
  2. Toz

    New Year, New Website. This is My Journey (Road to $250 / day)

    Over the years, I've been inspired by numerous journey threads on BHW. @HenryHavoc :: @Bloooop :: @Kikerinka ...
  3. huntermanager

    [WEBSITE JOURNEY] Evergreen Niche Website - Zero to $20K/month Challenge

    WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS THREAD? It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I want to follow my process with this thread. And I want to show you how important continuity is. To prove to you and to myself how a project started from scratch evolves over time. EXPERIENCE I have zero...
  4. kasabian21

    Want To Earn a Passive Income? Start Making Money With Expert-Written Authority Sites...

    Expert-Written Health, Fitness & CBD Authority Sites. Let’s cut to the chase. You want a website that has the potential to get lots of traffic and make money, right? Well, I’m here to construct that website for you. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this BST, I must make it very clear...
  5. HustleFriday

    Male Product Blog (Q1 Update) - Reached $100 Already (Journey to $1k/month)

    So I started to build a new authority website back in late 2018. I haven’t built a new website for quite sometime as I am happy with how things are moving. I also had a decent exit from a moderate sized website ( back in early 2018. As I don’t spend much, other than...
  6. market88

    What specifically should I buy Ads for?

    Hi, I currently own a blog with dozens of affiliate products. You could say it is a bit messy, and I would do better if I just took a single product and marketed the crap out of that. But I am working on creating a larger authority site, and I have tried marketing single products with no...
  7. DJ.Bud

    [Journey] Let's grow this website till it becomes an Authority

    AIM: It's time to be serious and grow yet another website from 0 to a respectable amount. BHW Threads are awesome to keep me accountable plus the activity by me here sucks now. Time to change that. (Even my typing speed sucks right now) So a lot of things will change over 1 year. Why? I...
  8. Tishina

    How to Setup Your Website For Paid Guest Posting?

    Hello, I'm wondering what is the approach to bring some money from guest posting on your website? How do you do it? Do you need a page with requirements of a guest post and then say that it is paid or it's better not to have such a page? Cheers.
  9. Zatoichi

    Zatoichi’s Amazon Affiliate Journey to 1500$/per month - Authority website

    Hello to everyone, I have decided to start a journey thread in order to try to get my website to a next level. Currently it is earning little below the 50$ a month. It a 1 year old website. I am hoping to get the right advice from experienced people here and will be sharing my questions here...
  10. gullsinn

    Authority Networking Site With 12,000+ uniques/mo possible to Make $xxx+/month

    I am looking to sell an authority networking website. Ranking on #3 for its exact match domain keyword. I'm selling because I have no time to keep up with the site due to work commitments and other projects on the go. The right buyer will have the potential to create a lot of money with the...
  11. C

    Creating Authority Websites from eBooks I Wrote

    What's going on BHW? For the past 2 years, I've been publishing eBooks and whatnot, but got tired of doing it and switched over to making niche websites. My first real foray into creating a niche website is taking an old ebook I wrote (which was also like the 2nd or 3rd book I ever wrote) and...
  12. mrorzio

    Quick Ranking Website Setup - $$$$ Method/Help Thread $$$$

    Just wanted to give back. Here to answer questions but I really should ask that maybe even those way smarter than me answer them. All my opinion and what I have seen. I learned a lot of SEO from guys in this thread. BTB, Tommy, Cash 202, Big Buddy and more and more and more Here is the...
  13. N

    [Failure] Authority Websites

    hello BHWer , i have a question for you, question is at the end actually i have been reading so much about authority website which has these qualities(correct me if im wrong): 1.500+ articles added with 2 to 4 article per day pace 2.checking site with woorank and fill the gap which is...
  14. Bulger

    Authority Devil Earn Passive Income With Custom Build Authority Websites $77 Only

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/19/2015 ----
  15. xlcrash

    New Magazine Authority Site Setup Question!?

    Hi guys, I've been building authority sites for almost 5 years but I never build big magazine authority site like this so I have one question... This is a huge Magazine authority site with many topics and categories. I have prepared over 1000 articles, so my question is can I put for example...
  16. H

    Quality Authority Sites builder review ? Who is the best, any reliable? Worth the try?

    Hello guys, interested is picking some authority websites builder, reading and reading pages of post ( 4 hours already :-) ) but there is always somebody complaining about the op, so I was wondering who would would suggest for building Authority websites on 1. Adsense ; 2. Amazon ...
  17. G

    150k+ monthly searches & 50+ units a day on eBay. Looking for web developer w/ SEO talent

    I've been selling a product on eBay. It's a pretty untapped niche but on eBay the profit margins are alot slimmer than what can be had if sold on a site of its own [25usd on eBay compared to ~40usd on its own]. I guess you could call me a novice at SEO/IM. I've never really done of my own but I...
  18. S

    Journey to establish an Authority Site within One Year

    Hey everyone! I have been reading valuable posts of this mighty forum Black hat World for last two years. I tried various Micro niche websites couple of times but it was not fruitful. Now, I have decided that i will establish Website having authority for readers. The content for the website will...
  19. itank27

    Journey to $1000/m passive income with an Authority website

    I've decided to take the next big step in my IM career and start working on an authority website (long-term project) of the eyecare niche (I don't care about revealing the niche... it's already pretty saturated and does not convert well, but I have an interest in it). Basic principle: I will...
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