1. Topiano

    I analysed over 90+ websites with GA Traffic 50,000+ sessions. [Here is What I found]

    I analyze up to 100 websites earning at least 50,000 sessions per month, according to GA. The advance operator for finding these websites can be found HERE . Objective: The main purpose of this research is to find common trends among these websites, with Ahrefs as our preferred audit tool. i...
  2. T2xor

    [HIRING] Need Someone to Drive 110k Weekly Cheap Traffic to My Website - Paid in Crypto

    About the Job I'm in search of someone skilled in digital marketing to drive at least 110,000 cheap visitors to my website each week. The traffic can be a mix, but real traffic is preferred. Traffic must show up in Google Analytics. Requirements Proven experience in digital marketing or...
  3. RatSeaExclusive

    Any possible way to find where social traffic comes to competitor's website?

    I want to reverse engineer my competitor's website and find from what posts or URLs on Facebook it brings traffic to him. Any tools that might help me do that?
  4. bikashdaga

    Looker Studio Report Issue - Need Help

    The total data doesn't match with respect to the Looker Studio report and Google Search Console. Not sure what is wrong with Looker Studio, I have created a DashBoard for a proper view, while comparing the total with GSC there are some huge difference in numbers. This is happening when I am...
  5. K

    Youtube: Crazy views, low impression, and ad-views - Need advice!

    Hey guys I could really use some advice with this one. I'll start with the story of what is happening and then I'll put in some of the evidence. In Oct 2022-Dec 2022, I got one of the largest boosts in views that my channel has ever gotten. Sadly it didn't result in pretty much any earnings...
  6. RatSeaExclusive

    Tools to analyze traffic of a website?

    I would like to know where the website is getting traffic from e.g. Instagram or specific website/url. I like the similarweb pro function to do this but I'm looking for better options and alternatives. Could you guys recommend some tools that can do that?
  7. kurosaki4d

    How to Track Referring links across two sites?

    Hello Everyone :) A while ago I started using Reddit Ads to promote one of my site's money-pages. Once the user clicks on the Reddit ads and lands on my article page, then he'll find my affiliate link button that will take him to the product's page where he can make the purchase. In my...
  8. Panther28

    Anyone notice that on their sites, they suddenly had an influx of Google cloud bot visits? - Maybe Bard rollout?

    One of my sites went from about 20 visits a day to 108 so far today! lol all google cloud visits, from the analytics page I looked at. Has anyone else checked their analytics for the day and noticed similar?
  9. TheMoneyHat

    Google Analytics for PRN?

    Background: I'm building a PBN Question 1: If I don't have Google Analytics on my PBN sites, is that a footprint? Question 2: If I do have GA on my PBN sites, can I login to the different accounts from one IP? Will Google see that? Question 3: Is there an alternative to GA that would look...
  10. mrsmilyy

    Delete video and repost it without affecting my acocunt ?

    hy, sometimes when i post my video still 10 view for all the day, and 2nd day, so i want to delete it and repost in another our i does this already and it work pretty, when i repost, i get more view on the video but i see some people tell to other never delete video in tiktok because your...
  11. WhizBee

    ContentStudio Team created this all-in-one tool ⚡ Usermaven which can replace Plausible, Fathom, Mixpanel and all. Currently offering lifetime deal

    Found this here : From the makers of ContentStudio and Replug, comes a powerful analytics suite that understand the behavior of your visitors and customers with pre-built reports. It is privacy-friendly and hosted in EU. They have two tools...
  12. xnerycz

    Analytics on a separate account from Adsense

    We have a website that uses Google services and we have a separate Google account for it, including Analytics. We have AdSense on another account. Can we deploy the codes to the site that is under a different Google account, or do Analytics and Adsense have to be under one Google account for...
  13. E

    Are there significant risks to putting Google Analytics/Search console/Adense on interlinked sites?

    Is there any significant risk to putting Google Adsense, or Analytics, or signing up for Google Search Console on sites you might be interlinking? How much should you fear Google actually noticing this interlinking due to a shared Adsense account, and penalizing you? I'm sure there must be some...
  14. BroadviewDev

    Hello, I'm Ray

    I program trading logic. I write in Pine Scipt. Most scripts out there are like 40 lines of code while mine are thousands. I really enjoy it. I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people on everything from 3Commas Trading Bots to full strategy development for any style of trading even full...
  15. N

    Best Instagram Analytics tool?

    Looking for the best IG/instagram analytics tool? Totally OK if it's paid.
  16. sklavier

    If you are not using Google Analytics on your blog...

    ... what are you using? I know there's a bunch of alternatives, but what do YOU use? And if you don't mind sharing, can you let me know the reason why you're not using Google Analytics?
  17. ensus

    Weird traffic stats cloudflare

    Not sure where to post this, i have like 6 domains no content on the sites, just sitting there linked to cloudflare, and i checked the overall monthly stats just now: What does it mean to be getting 1m requests, but caching only 2.68%? Is this just getting spammed with bots or something or...
  18. Don Kongo

    Importing Analytics from Socials to my front end

    Hey guys I was hoping some of you had any idea of the best way to import simple starts as niche, amount of followers and engagement rate from YT; Insta and TikTok to the front end of a website? Hopefully all being updated dynamically. I tried looking around, I found a website that does this...
  19. nikkie

    Shorter link + analytics or statistics

    Hi, brothers! Do you know any shorter link like,, or that provides public statistics? I used befor but now the statistics are not public. 1. is public but it do not shows keywords like or do. Check the image from below: 2. is crashed 3...

    does wordfence block google analytics?

    Google analytics is not updating i added code few days ago.. does wordfence block google analytics? how to solve this issue? Thanks
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