amazon associates

  1. D

    Resseling Amazon Stuff on Shopify!

    Hey guys im new to this and was just wondering if you could give me some tips on this . I want to basically sign up for Amazon associate, then find the best selling jewerly for girls/boys on Amazon and basically resell them on my Shopify store. To get traffic to the store i would try...
  2. theo_kr

    Should I tell Amazon about every traffic source I'm using?

    I gave them my website as a traffic source, but didn't mention any other sources, and now I'm working on social media traffic where I promote products that aren't listed on my website. will they ban me because I didn't mention that source?
  3. Huziplex

    Micro Niches for AMAZON AFFLIATE

    I am researching micro niches for amazon associates program if anyone has experience kinldy guide me how to find best micro niches on which i can rank using kgr method.
  4. Dark Hat 007

    Amazon to temporarily increase their affiliates rates

    For those who haven't given up on Amazon affiliates, I got this from them; they plan on increasing rates in some categories TEMPORARILY from 4th to 24th July. As a plus, they also sent this link for surveys, they probably plan on increasing their rates, maybe after seeing how much...
  5. zionbar

    [Update] Upcoming Changes to Amazon Referral (associates) Program

    Hey ya'll, So haven't seen a thread about it, but i saw on amazon affiliates they have a change coming in June 2021. Thought ill write it here as i know many of you have amazon aff websites (including me) or are thinking about starting one. SOURCE ...
  6. Websettled

    Please Suggest an Amazon associates alternative

    Hello guys I have started a gadget niched affiliate website this year in March but amazon commissions fell down and after huge efforts I am getting 1$ per sale on my associate account. I am confused now what to do and searching an Amazon associates alternative if anyone has a clue about it...
  7. Victoria Lynn

    has anyone gotten their amazon account banned and opened a new one?

    my amazon associates account got terminated two weeks ago because I broke a rule on my website. I tried emailing and calling them but there are nothing but automated responses related to covid-19. anyways, I fixed the issue and I had opened a new one a few days ago but that also got banned and...
  8. Ankith K Shetty

    Need Help of all SEO Gurus here [Thanks!]

    Hi, I am planning to start a Amazon affiliate website with travel niche. Context: I already have a website where I promote products of all niche monetising with Amazon Affiliate My question is: Which option is better? Option 1: In my already existing website should I add on category called...
  9. Ankith K Shetty

    Have a doubt about Amazon Affiliate Marketing!! (Need your master advice)

    Hi, I have read somewhere that when promoting using amazon affiliate network, I have heard that we can only use product images from amazon. Is it true, then how is this person using other images in his blog posts and also promoting amazon affiliate...
  10. Y

    Amazon Affiliate Links on Facebook

    Hi guys, I am trying to set up everything to be able to post affiliate links on Facebook, as I have no website currently and therefore NEED a social media account to declare on my list of websites inside my Amazon Associates Settings. Please don't tell me I should set up a landing page because...
  11. D

    Journey to $1000 p/m with Amazon Niche Site - Screenshots Included

    Having been inspired by Blooops journey thread I thought it'd be fun (and hopefully also inspiring) to start one of my own. Plus having made a slow start to the year I need the accountability! I was going to start a site from scratch, but I think it would be more interesting to watch the...
  12. aruntheboss007

    Experiment: Rebuilding an Expired Domain for Amazon Associates

    Hello all, This is my first experimental journey and hopefully by the end of this journey, I can contribute something to the community :) Lets keep it short and straight :) I found an expired domain relevant to a niche I was planning to start for Amazon Affiliate. On analyzing the domain with...
  13. obabuba

    Amazon Associates - get access to PA API?

    Amazon Associates - get access to PA API Hey Guys, I read here a lot, even though I am not that active. so first of all, if I am already posting, I'd like to say -Thanks- for all the information you all provide. very appreciated! Second, I'm sorry in advance for my English, as I'm not a...
  14. K

    A Newbie In Doubt

    I have began my journey in online marketing exactly a year ago, My target was to build an Amazon affiliate site, I started with very low budget so I had to make everything myself, from keyword research to article writing to blog commenting and email outreach I even did Pinterest and started...
  15. N

    Little tutorial: how to get products for free and make passive income with amazon

    I have a little method that i want to share that can earn you some passive side income + you will get some free stuff. If nothing works for you i think this is almost fool proof. However, you will need to put work in this is not for lazy people. It's not a get rich quick scheme. Some people even...
  16. N

    Can you post your own affiliate links on amazon reviews?

    Hi i have a question and couldn't find a clear answer anywhere. Few days back i saw a review on amazon itself with some links in it to another amazon product. This got me thinking, what if you would post your own amazon affiliate links in reviews? For example if you think another product is...
  17. axeboy123

    Can I sign up for Australia Amazon Associates as a Canadian?

    I'm trying to sign up for the Australian Amazon Associates program, but when I'm entering the payee information, the country is auto-selected to Australia, and I can't change it. Anyone knows if the Australian Amazon Associates program is for Australian citizens only? I've had no problems...
  18. lmarton

    Amazon affiliate question

    I already get a few leads with amazon bounty program... I redirect my domain to my shortened amzn bounty link... I dont have a site just 301 redirect... The visitors need to enter my domain name manually so there is no referer... This is ok or not...?They will ban me...?What else can I do...
  19. rolanduc

    Another Amazon Affiliate Journey ? A journey to get my earnings back

    Hello Everybody. :) First of all, Sorry for the quality of my english. I'm not a native. I normally speak French. I hope though that You will be able to understand what I write. I run a french content web agency and, I'm a member of BHW since 2011. However, This is my 1st journey thread...
  20. aletissier

    How long should I give my site before calling it a day?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice about my amazon associate niche site. I have a niche site within the home decor niche - the site is now over 1 year old... but it is just not ranking well for anything with zero sales on Amazon! I have got plenty of good, long form content on the site...
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