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  1. Makingofkira

    What's the reason behind so many clicks still no conversion on Amazon Affiliate Site?

    So, I have an Amazon Affiliate Website. It has decent conversion and organic growth is also picking up. However, there is one post, it is a "vs" post and the price of the product is around $3000. This post is getting 12 organic traffic every day for the past one month, but it is still not...
  2. nifras

    amazon affliate content update my existing content with new

    You need to write the 250 words review for 3 product .you have to search and choose products to write the review I will give the existing article link. you need to deliver within 24 hours or less. you can use the existing content and edit thanks
  3. pepekobasa

    Thoughts on eBay affiliate program?

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if anyone of you is using eBay affiliate program. I am thinking about trying eBay affiliate program for my new site since I had a bad experience from Amazon from my past site. What do you think is the pros and cons of using eBay? Does eBay has a lot of commission...

    How to increase profits from one article?

    Hi Recently, profits from Amazon on my site come from one article. How can I increase profits from this article and get the most benefit from it?
  5. Bloodseeker

    Crypto Affiliate Blog vs. Amazon Affiliate Blog vs. Dropshipping

    I'm a full-time blogger and internet marketer and often get bored by writing (because it's the same niche all the time). Plus, the site has been making money with complete stability, so I can look into more opportunities now. I'm thinking of starting a new business, but I'm really confused...
  6. N

    No Traffic On Amazon Niche Site

    Hi guys i have started my first amazon niche site in first week of september 2020 and till now in first week of january 2021 there is no traffic hardly 2-3 clicks in a month and 50-60 impressions around in a month. It's been 4 months now and it's a fresh domain and till now i have 40 articles...
  7. R

    Do follow backlink through AI generated article

    Hey guys, I'm new to seo, I'm doing amazon Affiliating for a 3 months. So a guy provides the machine created article guest posting with do follow backlinking service. Is this type of backlinking rank the website high in google?is it spammy link? Can I go though this service for do follow...
  8. N

    Question on evaluating an amazon affiliate site

    Hi All, If I am to evaluate the revenues of an amazon affiliate site, what would be items that I should check. I have the following list. Are these ok, or should these be refined? Should there be any additional gotchas? Get added to analytics and validate traffic Research backlinks and...
  9. madakalark

    Target audience

    Dear gurus, I am planning to start a affiliate website, targeting US audience. Actually I am from India. How can I target US people. Thanks
  10. Myst3ry

    How much are you making as an Amazon affiliate? [SCREENSHOTS] ☑️

    Inspired by @Sweely's thread. Let's motivate each other even though the Amazon commision fees are not so motivational. Share screenshots of your earnings and some info about your strategy, traffic, websites etc. I have had some free time and I did mostly parasites+Amazon but just with the...
  11. RichKIDLK

    What plugins you suggest for amazon affiliate website? | Theme selected

    Okay, friends I have selected generate press theme as the main theme for my amazon affiliate journey. Currently these are the only plugins I have in my list to use these amazon affiliate websites. Akismet Anti-Spam Classic Editor Contact Form 7 Easy Table of Contents GP Premium Schema Pro wp...
  12. avin garg

    amazon affiliate

    what's the best strategy to boom conversations as a starter in affiliate marketing ?
  13. Rank wizard Ltd

    How is your conversion rate after the pandemic?

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread asking about the amazon commission rate cut impacts. It sparked some insightful discussions back then. So, the gist of the thread was that although amazon initiated a commission rate cut, affiliate marketers were seeing an increase in conversion rate. Guessing...
  14. N

    Using Expired domain as amazon affiliate site

    I have an expired domain that was used as an Ecommerce website before. Can I use it for Amazon affiliate site? What are the drawbacks? and how can I use it properly? Thanks in advance.
  15. Xdfffninja

    Let’s Get Some Of Jeff Bezos's $$ (Amazon Affiliate + Ads Journey to $1k PM)

    Hello guys, my first journey thread here, and as the title states, this will be an Amazon affiliate website journey to $1k per month. I’m a noob when it comes to amazon affiliate marketing however, I'm not a noob when it comes to blogging and SEO. I've built a couple of successful informational...
  16. D

    How i can use Google ads to earn from Amazon affiliate or ebay

    I want to use google ads with Amazon affiliate Any suggestions?
  17. beDreamful

    100% Automated Review Website From Scratch. My Journey Learning Python.

    Hey there folks. I haven't been involved in anything here for a long time due to personal reasons. To keep it short, I'm making the career switch from campaign manager in digital marketing to software development. I learned Java a while ago making apps & I needed a project to get my hand deep...
  18. MehtaM

    Should I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting?

    I'm planning to launch 7-10 micro niche blogs within few days and 1 Amazon affiliate website. Shall I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting? While researching I had planned to get Siteground hosting but their rates changed and renewal rate is too high now. Which affordable host with good support...
  19. H

    Help me, I want to earn some bucks from affiliate program

    hello there, i was thinking about to make a website dedicated for affiliate products main focus is mens apperal through amazon affiliate program and I don't have money for paid plugins but if they are necessary maybe i can borrow money from someone and what will be the future expenses in...