amazon affiiate

  1. D

    Detecting Broken amazon Affilate links

    How do I detect broken amazn affilite links?
  2. Panther28

    300 Spun Articles into Quality Articles Journey

    I have a little amazon affiliate site that I've just started out. I have 110 articles that are published as spun content. There are 3 categories on the site, and each spin for that category is different, the first couple of categories had over 50, now the last one has almost 200, so that needs...
  3. prey24

    New lambo coming soon lol

    Got first sale from my Amazon site. Its my first time doing Amazon. Have done Shopify and Digital reselling successfully before.
  4. S

    Amazon Affiliate + Facebook Ads

    Hi Guys I Want To Boost My Affiliate Amazon Products On Facebook Ads, But Fb Dont Accept Boosting Affiliate Links So I`m Asking if i can Find A Methode Or Any Other Affiliate Programme Support Fb Ads For Boosting, Clickbank Doesnt Work In My Country It1s Too Difficult to aprove with Them ...
  5. ranga

    [Journey] Make or Break Amazon Affiliate Journey to $10000

    BACKGROUND I have been in Internet Marketing world for a long time, ranked for some great keywords in the past for various websites and made a good load of money, however, had to leave IM & SEO world in 2015 due to personal commitments and just got back into it in June, 2019 and BOOM everything...
  6. djsobuj

    What is better for me?

    I was doing game hack + cpa for the last 4 years make some $. But now I am WorkLess again as no new trending game available. I was making money like for three months and other nine months I can't. But now I want to do something serious that can give me $ constantly. But I only have experience in...
  7. Ajeet Ghuman

    Can't get the Amazon Product API to work in my website

    As my question stats I am not able to run the Product API in any of amazon Affilaite plugins for wordpress including AAWP or ContentEgg or Affiliate egg. It keep giving me "TooManyRequests: The request was denied due to request throttling. Please verify the number of requests made per second to...
  8. Ajeet Ghuman

    Can this be happening in Amazon

    Well I am from India.. and I am trying to get into Amazon affiliate .. and i have Indian Amazon affiliate but I want to target other countries too to get more out of each sale. So is there any way I can do that? Really open for any suggestion.
  9. codeman1234

    Woozone vs Prosociate?

    Hello, I am starting to build an amazon ecommerce affiliate woocommerce store and I am looking for best plugin for amazon affiliates the best 2 I seem to find are Woozone and Prosociate, Have anyone try them? Have anyone build this type of store? What plugin would you recommend and why? Thanks!
  10. Kosher1

    Looking for Amazon Affiliates

    Hey all. Looking for Amazon Affiliates for Luxury Mattress sales.... Product has been around for 30 years.... just started Amazon not too long ago. Let me know your requirements...... Price range $800 - $1200 Thanks!
  11. Quality Traffic

    Blog Journey to 3K/month by the end of 2020

    Hi everyone, I decided to finally hold myself accountable for this project hoping that the pressure from the community will keep me focus and respect my deadlines; thus, keep me working on this affiliate blog I've started in the summer of 2019. A bit of background about me: - I'm in my last...
  12. itsmytime

    My 1st Amazon Affiliates Journey to $500 monthly

    Hello guys, Thanks for tuning in I've meant to do this since August last year, but then, I kept procrastinating. So, while writing my month plans earlier this month, I added creating this journey. Because I, of course, know it will go a long way at helping me, and I am sure I'll be able to...
  13. Didou

    Amazon Affiliate Geo Localization

    Hello BHW Members I hope you guys are doing well After searching on the internet and reading many articles about Geo Localization about Amazon Affiliate links, I find out that it's a great way to increase Amazon Affiliate blog revenue, but sadly I couldn't find any way where I can set up this...
  14. john belford

    Starting a journey | amazon affiliate website

    Hello y'all hope you doing well ! So, i want to start an amazon affiliate website , i already created one with wix with no domain name or what so ever , but i had some visits on it ( sneakers website) and got some emails out of it . But recently i purchased a domain name that sounds good to me...
  15. Abdul Wahhab Mokhtar

    Amazon Affiliate Niche Website from Zero to $1000

    Firstly, I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. English isn't my main language. I'm from Egypt and started IM a few years ago. This is my first serious Amazon Niche website and I think it's doing well so far. I hope these details inspire some of our members to take action as soon as possible and...
  16. Intexam

    Is this information reliable from an analytics website?

    Hi, I was doing a research on my competitor's website. I wanted to get an approximately number of organic traffic. So I found some information on a tool called HypeStat. I noticed especially one line "How much need to spend if get same number of visitors from Google Adwords:" and it says $1365...
  17. nifras

    amazon affiliate plugin or code

    hello everyone, is there any plugin or code for showing amazon best selling product yearly, quarterly, something like this thanks :)
  18. unsungwarrior

    26 Ways to Get Banned from Amazon's Affiliate Program

    Found a great video to avoid getting banned from amazon affiliate program. Sharing it here :)
  19. BitComb

    Amazon Affiliate

    Hey guys, Will I get banned for next reason: Creating website which generates affiliate link for the product which the costumer wants to buy. For example: someone wants to buy new TV, he/she comes to my site, paste the product link, and as output gets affiliate link. If he/she buys from that...
  20. HoZoBoRoLo

    Good looking Amazon affiliate websites

    Can anyone provide me some popular well decorated Amazon affiliate site list. Want to arrange my website bit confused for that and need ideas from good ranked websites. Thanks in Advance :)