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Oct 11, 2019
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what's the best strategy to boom conversations as a starter in affiliate marketing ?
what's the best strategy to boom conversations as a starter in affiliate marketing ?

I guess someone else is going to help with direct answers but my advice is to search forum cause, there is a lot to learn.

All the best.
If you are getting traffic and struggling with conversions, possibly your content is not helping users.

Maybe try improving your content.

If your content quality is good, work on the presentation i.e. always try to provide your top choices on the top of all articles by making a comparison table, because your customers maybe in hurry.

Provide as much information as you can because people who search for "best of" articles have probably already made their mind to make the purchase, they are just looking for your recommendations or some expert advice on the product they want to buy.

There can be other factors affecting your conversations which you will have to find out yourself by experimenting.
Go to the money-making section or try to find course in download section. My advice is: Read, Read , REad
Set up your site like this:
"How to" guides > consumer guides > reviews

For reviews: 30% should be on FAQ / Key features to look for / Warnings and 70% should be on reviews (must include pros and cons)

This way, your site PULLS traffic organically and you can then link that to conversion pages (reviews)

If you need a good place to start, do a sitemap.xml rip of your competitors
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